No one's saying that you've got to be on adult film-level excellence when it comes to making love, but a bit of ability doesn't hurt. Though you may think you're owning it in the bedroom, you make be fumbling harder than you know. Keep reading to find the signs you're bad in bed and don't even know it.bad1

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Your partner fakes their orgasm. You may not always know when this happens, but you should know that it's possible. If you're not giving your partner what they want, need and deserve, then you're going to end up with a disappointing faux-gasm. This can be fixed though. Just focus on them more.

You always act self-conscious. There's nothing less sexy than someone second-guessing themselves in the bedroom. If you don't have the confidence to get in the sack with someone, then you should maybe consider working on yourself outside the bedroom. You're only bringing down the mood otherwise.

You pass out right after. If you jump out of bed to go do your own thing or turn over to pass out once you've finished, you need to reassess your sex. This isn't cute. Just because you orgasmed doesn't mean sex is over. Cuddle up, dammit. Enjoy each other.

You don't prepare. Sometimes, sex comes out of the blue. It's impossible to plan for. But you know it's happening, get your body ready. Take a shower, really rinse all the important bits and brush your teeth. You're trying to turn someone on, not scare them away.

You're as boring as bread. Sex should always evolve between a couple. They should always try new things and push the envelope. When you don't do this, the end may be imminent. You need to break out the creativity and try something new for a change.

You don't know how to read your partner. If you're having sex just so you can get off, you don't deserve to have sex. That's not how it's supposed to be. The only way to truly take advantage of the blessing that is sex is to know exactly what your partner wants and when.

You finger as though they're running a race. When it comes to fingering a woman, grace and ease are where it's at. Your hand isn't a jackhammer and shouldn't be treated as such. If you think fast equals best, then you are so very wrong.

You don't communicate. Ask questions! Don't think that just because you're having sex you have to act like moaning adult film stars. You're having a true human connection with someone, so ask them what you can do to make their experience the best they've ever had.

You just want to climax. It's not about the destination, it's about the journey. Someone should have told you that a long time ago, because you're missing out on what makes sex so great — which is the actual sex. The more you rush to the finish line, the more you risk of disappointing your partner.


You're never dominant. It's sexy when someone takes control of a sexual situation. But if you can't ever find yourself owning the room, you may end up with an unsatisfied partner. Show what you're capable of and take the reigns.

You jump right into the action. If you're not already aware that you need to grease the gears before putting them into motion, then you've got a lot to learn. Don't just dip your business into somebody without first pleasuring them with some foreplay. You'll just give yourself away as a total noob.

You make your partner do all the work. Put some elbow grease into your lovemaking. Stop acting like you deserve a medal just for being alive and put some damn effort into treating your partner to a good time. You don't have to be the greatest lover of all time — you just have to be decent and fair.


You're immature. If you're laughing at things (assuming it's uncalled for), you're not exactly promoting sexiness. You're having sex, so stop acting like a child. If you want to laugh when you masturbate, then go for it. But... leave it there.

You're not a fan of oral. Not being a fan of oral is fine, if that's how you float, but not doing it on account is selfish and unneeded. Sex is all about reciprocation. So when someone goes down on you, you go down on them. Those are the rules

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