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As we disembarked the m/s Paul Gauguin cruise ship at the conclusion of the Shoes Only Travel Tahiti Cruise, we must say that this cruise certainly ranks as one of the best lifestyle and swingers vacations ever.  Every swingers and lifestyle vacation Dream Pleasure Tours sells has something that makes it special, but there was a whole lot about this cruise that ranks it at the top of our list.

For those of you who’ve never been to Tahiti, it lives up to everything you’d expect.  Tahiti is part of French Polynesia, which comprises five archipelagos totaling 120 islands in the South Pacific Ocean.  This cruise, which started on the Island of Tahiti, cruised the archipelago known as the Society Islands, which includes Taha’a, Bora Bora, Raiatea, Moorea, and a number of lesser islands.

Our schedule on this cruise included stops at all the major islands but, while each island was an experience by itself, there was a common theme.  These volcanic islands thrust out of the sea, brilliant green with palm trees and dense tropical foliage, with their mountain peaks nestled among the clouds and contrasting with a thousand shades of ocean blue.  Any one island could be a great vacation spot for a week, but having the opportunity to see them all was just an added bonus.  Their very names, such as Bora Bora and Raiatea, conjure up images of the movie South Pacific and the mystical east.

In Papeete (pronounced pa-pay-et-ay), the main city on the island of Tahiti, we boarded our cruise ship, the m/s Paul Gauguin.  This ship, with about 160 cabins, was perfect for an island hopping vacation.  The ship is small enough that it was easy to find friends and Dream Pleasure Tours guests, and easy to get on and off the ship to visit island villages and the “motus” or small islets that spring from the ocean around the coral reefs.   The ship even has its own “marina”, a platform at the back of the ship that lowers into the water from which you can kayak, windsurf and scuba dive.

The islands are populated, as you can imagine, by Polynesians, a group closely related to the Maori people in New Zealand and native Hawaiians.  These crafty navigators learned the secrets of long distance ocean voyages long before Europeans.  Today, due to the influence of the French (thus French Polynesia) and a multitude of seafarers, the islands have a distinctly international flavor.  At the market, you can find two-foot-long French baguettes right next to the spring rolls, fried rice and poison cru, a dish of raw tuna soaked in coconut milk.  True to their reputation, the islanders are warm and friendly.

The highlight of Papeete was the central market called Le Marche, meaning The Market.  This very large, two-story facility is part farmer’s market, part arts and craft fair, and part entertainment complex.  Lots of small stalls selling everything from fresh-caught local fish, to locally grown vegetables to tropical flowers.  Another group of stalls sells prepared foods including some of the tastiest looking pastries you’ll ever see, and foot-long baguette sandwiches stuffed with egg, chicken, pork, pate, and even noodles.  Expect bread with everything. We ordered chicken fried rice Polynesian style and the fried rice came with the large pieces of French bread!

For those who like to buy crafts, jewelry and souvenirs, we were impressed that almost everything available for sale is locally made, often by the artisan who owns the shop.  We passed one old lady with a card table filled with bracelets, necklaces and earrings.  She was sorting shells in a shoe box, and confirmed to me that every item she had for sale was her own original design, and made with her own wrinkled fingers.    At the market, Zee purchased a couple of incredible pearl rings and necklaces from the man himself, Moana at Fluid Bijouterie.  Moana was born in Free Island in French Caledonia but grew up in England and France and now lives on Moorea.  Every item in his shop is an original design and hand crafted by him. You can contact Moana at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and on Facebook at Fluid Bijouterie.
French Polynesia is a pearl lover’s paradise, producing some of the finest cultured pearls in the world.  We were lucky enough to run into Mr. Didier Sibani, who owns Sibani Joaillier (Jeweller), or “Bijouterie” as the French say it. Mr. Sibani is a French national who has been in the pearl business on Bora Bora since the 1960s. He lived in Bali and other parts of Asia before settling in Tahiti. The pearl industry is fascinating.  The oysters are different than the ones we get “on the half shell” in restaurants. Apparently they are not too good to eat, but produce exquisite pearls.  The pearls are “seeded” with a nucleus made from the fresh water shell from the Mississippi River.  Only about 50% of the seeds produce a pearl, and of that 50%, Mr. Sibani explained, only 0.03% actually find their way into jewelry. Even so, his company produces 800,000 pearls each year in varying sizes and hews from silver to blue to black.  The very best pearls have an incomparable luster and sheen.  You’ll find Sibani Joaillier in the Le Pahia Shopping Center on Bora Bora.

If you can’t make it to Bora Bora, check out Mr. Sabani’s website at www.sibani.com.  We’re sure he’d be happy to sell and ship some genuine Bora Bora pearls to you. Sibani is also president of the Territorial Committee of French Polynesia for the councilors for France’s external trade board, so obviously his is a solid business with credentials to show for it. Please visit Sibani Joaillier if you are looking for some pearls when you are in Bora Bora. Zee bought some items from the store and was extremely happy with the prices and quality. Zee is an expert at asking for discounts and shopping for value and at Sibani we got excellent value for the money.

If pearls are not your thing, maybe water sports are.  These islands boast some of the best snorkeling and scuba diving in the world, as each island is surrounded by pristine coral reefs.  The Dream Pleasure Tours’ guests who went snorkeling or diving report being surrounded by schools of black tipped reef sharks, ten foot long lemon sharks, giant manta rays, puffer fish and schools of fish in every color of the rainbow. One couple reported a twelve foot long moray eel, and another a field of coral that looked like shag carpet.  There is even a coral that looks like miniature Christmas trees that grow in a variety of colors and, when you touch them, the Christmas trees fold up and hide back in their coral homes. 

Zee on Polynesian NightService aboard the m/s Paul Gauguin was impeccable and, with just 300 guests, we quickly made friends with the staff.  Glenn, Jerome, Ryan, Francis, Cesar, and the rest of the crew did a wonderful job of taking care of us, even arranging for empanadas to be made especially for Zee and delivered directly to our room. The price was all-inclusive and we had a lot of Dream Pleasure Tours customers reporting that they liked not having to pay separately for booze, espresso drinks and other specialty items. 
The cruise was, of course, clothing-optional and a lifestyle event, so during the day the sun decks were packed with naked bodies soaking up the tropical sun (between the occasional to-be-expected rain shower).  One day we had a clothing-optional beach party on a private motu (islet) with a fabulous lagoon for snorkeling.  We were a little worried about all those naked bodies snorkeling among the hungry denizens of the deep, but apparently no one’s private parts became something else’s dinner. 

Every evening rocked with a disco floor packed full of half naked (or completely naked) bodies dirty dancing and more to the music.   A number of customers mentioned they liked the fact that in the evening the rules regarding sexy activity were very lax, making for a lot of very entertaining and fun action on and around the dance floor.  For those who wanted to step it up even further, every evening the Grand Salon became the Grand Playroom and believed us, there was a lot of playing going on. Check out the picture of the playroom to the right.

One neat idea was the “block party”.  The second day on board, at 6:00 PM, the cruise staff appeared in the hallways with bottles of wine, and everyone was encouraged to come out of their cabin and meet their neighbors.  It was a great way to get to make new friends.  In our hallway we met Rod and Anne, Janet and Paul, Mark and Cheri and Bob and Tina.  Great, fun people, all with very interesting backgrounds.  We also had the empanadas delivered for the block party. Our neighbors from the next cabin, Paul and Janet, had an owner’s suite and were extremely kind to invite other guests to their room.  All of us had a great time getting to know each other. The block party was a hit. It was a great idea by Shoes Only Travel, thanks to Jonathan and Lori.

That brings us to the most important part of the cruise.  After the food, the diving, the local culture and shopping, the best part about a swingers and lifestyle vacation is the people.  You simply cannot go on a regular vacation and meet people like those you’ll find on Dream Pleasure Tours’ vacations. We'll also give a special plug to Shoes Only Travel.  This cruise just seemed to attract a group of people that while being sophisticated and worldly, were at the same time friendly, easy going and fun loving. Among the people we met on this cruise were a judge, a retired military commander, a number of physicians, an international business consultant, the national sales manager for a major automotive firm, a real estate developer, and the head of an international IT firm. As the memories of vacations past fade, what we really remember is all of the great people we have met.

You can travel with Dream Pleasure Tours next year to Singapore and Thailand, or you can join us at great lifestyle resorts such as Hedonism II or Desire, or at one of the great conventions like Naughty in N’awlins.  We have swingers and lifestyle vacations to suit every budget and taste.

Coming in the summer of 2014 is the Shoes Only Travel cruise “Menage a Asia, which visits such exotic locales as Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.  We are planning a pre-cruise, three-day tour of Singapore, and a post-cruise five-day trip to Bali.  Mark your calendars, book your Asia cruise today and look for more information on our pre- and post-cruise trips coming soon.

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