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Apparently there was some misunderstanding on the theme nights for the upcoming Freedom of the Seas Couples Cruise in November 2013 (yes there is still time to book – Click Here). We know that some of you really get into theme nights, and we’ve been told that some couples will have an extra suitcase, or even two, just with their costumes and accessories for theme nights.  So we want to make doubly sure you don’t end up wearing your tuxedo on pajama party night, or your favorite pink outfit, on blue night.  Of course, at the theme parties it’s acceptable to show up wearing just about anything you want, so if you’re a light packer, the ladies can always make do with sexy lingerie and high heels.  For the guys, thong-style underwear, bow tie, and dress shoes is a sure winner.

Are you the creative or the funny type?  Humorous get-ups are always popular and don’t limit yourselves to costumers.  Make-up, glitter and props all play a role in making theme night parties even more fun.  Dog leases, chain, whips, riding crops, masks, glow lights, and sparkles can all add to your outfit.  On a recent cruise we even saw one couple who brought along their blow up lady friend, and as far as we could see, the lady friend was getting lots of action.  Just remember, on a cruise like this, you’re liable to be in close quarters with other sexy travelers (in fact, very close quarters) so make sure nothing on your costume can pierce, puncture or otherwise mutilate a new found friend.  You wouldn’t want to be responsible for putting a fellow travel out of action for a few days. And of course, just in case the opportunity arises, you’ll want to make sure you can get out of your theme night costume real quick.

So here is the official Couples Cruise theme list:


Day 1:

Dinner: Tropical Resort Wear
Ladies - Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse
Men - Sports Shirt, Polo or Hawaiian Shirt and Slacks or nice Jeans

Party Theme: 70’s Disco Dance Party
There will be a party on the Promenade where you canl dance to oldies but goodies under disco balls and bright lights. Put on your bell bottoms, platform shoes and giant afro wigs and celebrate.



Day 2:

Dinner: Formal Night
Ladies - Formal Gown or Cocktail Dress
Men - Tuxedo or Suit & Tie
This is our BIG, Traditional, Formal Night, a great night to really dress to impress. You don’t have to wear a tux or a suit and a tie, but this should be the one night you really put on the dog (and a great night for pictures!).  Think James Bond at sea and you'll have a great inspiration for tonight's dinner.

Party Theme: Pajama Party
After dressing up for dinner, it's time to dress down for the after party. Put on your sexiest pajamas, lingerie, a Couples Cruise robe, boxers or briefs, and get ready for our sexiest party of the week.


Day 3:

Dinner – Dress to Impress
Ladies - Party Dress, Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse
Men - Sports Shirt, Button Down Dress Shirt, Jacket and Slacks or Nice Jeans

Party Theme: Sexy Superheroes & Naughty Villains
We will have another awesome party on the Promenade featuring some great theme songs from your favorite Superheroes movies and TV shows. This is the night to get the most creative. Dress like a Sexy Superhero or a Naughty Villain. You can pick a well known character (Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker or the Incredible Hulk) or come up with your own character (Orgy Man, Stiletto Woman, etc…)



Day 4:

Dinner – Dress to Impress
Ladies - Party Dress, Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse
Men - Sports Shirt, Button Down Dress Shirt, Jacket and Slacks or Nice Jeans

Party Theme: Great Gatsby Roaring 20’s
We love the sexy flapper girl’s outfits from the roaring 20’s. Wear a headband to finish off the look. Guys, dress up as a character in the Great Gatsby or as your favorite retro gangster.






Day 5:

Dinner: Dress to Impress
Ladies - Party Dress, Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse
Men - Sports Shirt, Button Down Dress Shirt, Jacket and Slacks or Nice Jeans

Party Theme: Mardi Gras Masquerade
Join us on the Promenade for a spectacular bead toss. Wear Purple, Gold or Green, Body Paint, Beads and Masks. Celebrate Fantasy Fest at Sea or a Mardi Gras Masquerade Ball.



Day 6:

Dinner: Formal Night (Glitter)
Ladies - Formal Gown or Cocktail Dress
Men - Tuxedo or Suit & Tie
This  is a Fashionable Formal Night and we encourage silver, gold and metallic dresses, ties and shoes. Guys, you can get into the mix with some flashy accents to make sure you keep up with the ladies.

Party Theme: Fetish & Vampires
Dress in leather, black, rubber or vinyl, or better yet, dress like a Vampire. This is a night to celebrate any fetish, so you could add a little school girl outfit, a nurses costume, or anything else, as long as it's super sexy.

Day 7:

Dinner: Dress to Impress
Ladies - Party Dress, Sundress, Pants and Casual Blouse
Men - Sports Shirt, Button Down Dress Shirt, Jacket and Slacks or Nice Jeans

Party Theme: Blue Night
Wear all blue tonight to the dinner and the party as we celebrate being at sea. Blue suits, shirts, hats, bras, shoes and even blue underwear!  For the Theme Party, bring some paint and come with blue boobs or blue balls.

As you read through the theme nights, have a look at some of these pictures and maybe they'll inspire you to go through your closets, your drawers, and the attic, and then maybe head to the party store, to outfit yourself for the November 2013 Couples Cruise.

Or, visit Zeerotica.com where you can buy sexy lingerie, costumes and party accessories--and use your receipt to get a discount off of your next Dream Pleasure Tours vacation.  It couldn't get any better than that.

Don't forget, Dream Pleasure Tours is sponsoring the Club Ambiance Jamaica excursion during the November Cruise.  This is the excursion you just don't want to miss.  Get, naked, party and play, at Club Ambiance for a day.  Check it out at Club Ambiance Jamaica Excursion.


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