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Spice Resort is one of those hidden gems

Looking for an all-inclusive, clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly resort in an Exotic Location?

Editor's Note: This article references a tour that already occurred, however, we know our readers would want to know this information about Spice Resort.. check our website often for our current tours and events.

We think Spice Resort is one of those hidden gems.  It’s not as well-known as some other resorts, and it’s hidden away in a place many of us have never heard of, but customers keep telling us, over and over again, that Spice is worth the time and effort to visit and enjoy.  We’re bringing it back to your attention for a couple of reasons.  First, Spice has an upcoming week in November called Winter Wonderlust and if you’re looking for something different this November, check it out.  Second, the owner of Spice, Tracy, was interviewed on a British television show and it’s quite entertaining to watch, if you have a minute.  Third, Spice won the 2013 Best Resort Outside the US award from SwingFest Events.

Spice is an all-inclusive, clothing-optional, lifestyle-friendly resort located in Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands is an archipelago of islands located about 70 miles off the coast of North Africa.  It is a Spanish territory and enjoys a sub-tropical climate with little rain and warm temperatures year round.  The Canary Islands are famous as the stopping off point for early navigators on their voyages to the Americas as the trade winds gather here and sweep westerly right across the Atlantic to the Caribbean.  Today the Canary Islands are a popular vacation spot for Europeans, as well as a stopping point for cruise ships.
Spice PoolFor a truly wonderful holiday, Lanzarote, the beautiful gem of the Atlantic, is the ideal destination. A gift of nature and, without a doubt, an incomparable paradise, Lanzarote combines the magic of its history with an enviable climate throughout the year. Together with its beautiful beaches and breathtaking landscapes, Lanzarote is a haven of unique, stunning vistas created by volcanic activity during the 18th century.  It combines the elegant charm of traditional Canaries’ towns with its white washed shuttered buildings and friendly people with the fine dining, entertainment and luxurious beaches you would expect from your holiday abroad.

What are you doing in November?  Consider visiting Spice for Winter Wonderlust. Spice says that its big events are very well attended and massively fun for all. Come enjoy a cornucopia of swinging, sexy shopping, fun and sun to fight the winter blues, all from the comfort of Europe's Nº 1 liberated couples resort! So please consider heading to Spice in November.  (Note:  This is a great destination for our European and African clients.)  Winter Wonderlust happens November 22 – 26, 2013.

Spice BedroomsSpice was recently featured on the UK ITV´s ´Good Morning´ show.  Tracy Isted, Spice Lanzarote Director, addressed the nation on prime time TV, chatting to Holly & Phil about the lifestyle. Holly got the giggles with too much accidental innuendo!  The British at their finest.  Have a few minutes?  Watch the video.

We’re not the only ones who think that Spice is a great resort.  Spice was recently voted as the best lifestyle resort outside of the US.  As many of you know, Dream Pleasure Tours was voted the best lifestyle travel agency.  What more could you ask for?  The best selling the best! Of course, at Dream Pleasure Tours, we’re also lucky enough to have the best customers in the world.

Planning ahead?  You can save up to 35% by booking your 2014 Spice vacation now, but this early booking special is only good until September 9, 2013.  So call us and book your Spice vacation today.

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