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Dr. Oz and Esther Perel talked about sexless marriages and anti-aging wrinkle creams. Dr. Mehmet Oz discussed how to revive an anemic sex life on the April 3, 2014 episode of the Dr. Oz Show ("How to Revive Your Flatlined Sex Life"). Dr. Oz's guest was sex therapist and psychologist Esther Perel, who revealed that 15 percent of American marriages are sexless.

"By the time we are in our 30s and 40s, sex has become one of the last things on our to-do list," said Dr. Perel, author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence.
Perel said women start to lose interest in sex during their 30s and 40s because they're exhausted from being the caretakers to their husbands and children at home. They also feel like they're taken for granted and start to avoid intimacy.

Perel said a sexless marriage isn't necessarily doomed, but could signal that something's not right. She also said you can still have a warm, happy relationship without sex if it's affectionate and emotionally close. Perel told Dr. Oz that women sometimes start affairs because they crave emotional intimacy.

Dr. Perel said there are five intimacy verbs that every couple should use to maintain a satisfying relationship:

    •    ask
    •    take
    •    give
    •    receive
    •    refuse


On a separate segment of his show, Dr. Oz unveiled more anti-aging wrinkle creams and products. Dr. Oz's guest was Alexis Farah, beauty editor at beauty editor at Everyday Health magazine.

Farah said these rejuvenation tips can fight wrinkles and give you youthful skin and hair.

1. Replace coffee with white tea. Dr. Oz said white tea has the highest antioxidant content of any tea, which will make your complexion look plumper and more rested. White tea also regulates blood sugar and promotes weight loss by curbing hunger.

2. Apply caffeine eye cream in the morning to reduce under-eye puffiness.

3. Use an alpha hydroxy acid exfoliator to slough off dead skin and unclog pores.

4. Add aragan oil to your moisturizer before bed to rejuvenate your skin overnight.

5. Apply an avocado mask to your hair to strengthen and condition your locks.

Desire Pearl

Desire Pearl

Desire Resort Cancun

Desire Pearl is a 5-star resort located just south of Cancun along the beautiful Riviera Maya Coastline. Desire is an All-Inclusive, Couples Only, Clothing Optional and Lifestyle Friendly Resort.

Learn more and book Desire Pearl

Hedonism II

Hedo 2

Hedo II

For more than 30 years, Hedonism clothing optional resorts have enjoyed a reputation for shattering inhibitions and provoking the kind of behavior people don’t talk about in polite circles. It’s what happens when you combine warm water, a white-sand beach, open bars, and open minds.

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Desire Cruise (links to desire website)

Desire Pearl

Desire Cruise

Expand your horizons and explore your fantasies, as you cruise through some of the world’s most exotic destinations along the coastal region of the Western Mediterranean.

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Naughty Events

Naughty in N'awlins

Naughty Events

Naughty Events is the premier swinger/lifestyle/nudist/BDSM and sex positive events producer in the country - including the amazing Nughty in N'awlins, as well as several other exciting events.

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Bliss Cruises

Bliss lifestyle cruises

Bliss Cruises

Bliss Cruise makes it easy for adventuresome couples to enjoy time at sea by offering adult-only, full-ship charters that tour exotic locations from Florida to the Eastern and Western Caribbean. In some areas of the ship, clothing is optional -- but all passengers are at least 21 years and older -- so no need to worry about an under-aged crowd.

Click Here to learn more

Desire Riviera Maya

Desire Riviera Maya

Desire Cancun

Desire Resort & Spa Riviera Maya is a couples-only resort, the first and only of its kind in Mexico, located in Cancun’s Riviera Maya. Amazing landscapes and a deliciously erotic atmosphere will unleash your imagination and stimulate your senses throughout your clothing-optional vacation.

Learn more and book Desire Riviera Maya

Temptation Resort Cancun

Temptation Resort

Temptation Resort & Spa Cancun

Temptation created a space where adults can be safe, be themselves and just have fun.They have devoted ourselves to creating a completely unique experience that brings people back time and time again. And it shows in the resort’s unparalleled occupancy rate, which is between 80% and 85%, all year round.

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