Tips for Fantasy Exploration and Quickies

Excerpts from "Mild to Wild," by AdventurSex Mentor Nikki Lundberg

Quickies - Be-open  minded  to  quickies. The  hardest  thing  for  certain personality types is dealing with a change of plan. Always deal in the comfort zone of the least comfortable person. Agree upon ground rules. For example: never right before work, never right before bed, not on Mondays — things like that. You don’t want your fun to add stress to already stressful moments of your day and week.

Have realistic expectations for your quickies. The average time for a woman to reach climax is about 30 minutes. That is not quick. If the quicky is initiated by the man do not expect the female to reach her ultimate climax.

Understand the meaning. Many women feel used by quickies since they are not getting the same pay off as the man. You have to communicate through this and realize that many men masturbate once a day but if they have the option to have sex instead of masturbate they’ll  take it. That’s  why the  woman can set up boundaries around when it’s acceptable and when she wants it knowing that come date night she is going to get more than enough satisfaction.

The more often you have sex, the easier it will be. Once you realize that not every encounter is going to be a 2 hour ordeal it will be easier to have them more often.

Whatever you do, make sure there’s a payoff for both partners. In general, he wants more sex and more variety while she wants to be able to enjoy the intensity and full release.

Fantasize — Together. Fantasy time is play time and leisure time. Approach it with an open mind To avoid getting lost, put a structure/time limit around it. Make a date and set a time limit. Practice your communication skills while fantasizing.

Let your mind wander but stay present in your body. As you see different things you can get very mentally engaged which is fine as long as you continue that  communication with yourself — checking in with yourself to see how you are feeling about things physically and not just mentally.

Visit an adult toy store. The great thing about this is you will be having a full experience that involves all your senses. The two of you will discover things together and get ideas for the future. It can also be very entertaining. If htere are no shops in your area, visit an online shop such as EnticeMe.co and to make it more interactive, play a game where you choose your favorite thing on the page and explain why.

Here are a few places you can go online from the comfort of your own home:

•   Dominatrix websites.

•   Escort websites.

•   Look at erotic travel locations/vacations, and then... take a vacation  - (editor's note:  Adult Fantasy Travel - many adult-only resorts exist that create an erotic, fun, friendly and exciting environment where you can escape reality. Live your dreams and indulge yourself while releasing your inner-most passions in an idyllic setting surrounded by sun, sea and an uninhibited atmosphere. Dream Pleasure Tours is all you need to plan, schedule, and enjoy your fantasy adventure!)

Excerpted from: Mild To Wild ~ Fun and Easy Ways To Heighten Your Intimacy / by Nikki Lundberg.

As the AdventurSex Mentor, Nikki Lundberg brings together her personal and professional experience to meet her commitment of mentoring adventurous people to having peak sensual and erotic experiences.”Nikki is passionate about helping you experience as much sexual pleasure as possible!" She offers coaching on creating the intimate life of your dreams.  With her extensive library of video lessons, on  www.nikkilundberg.com Nikki  gets down to the nitty gritty of skills, techniques and all the how-to’s you need to know. She works in conjunction with therapists and counselors.

Nikki has provided consulting services to over 3,000 people, focused in areas such as health, beauty, leisure, business marketing and growth, personal growth and sensuality.
To move herself forward personally and professionally Nikki has attended a variety of personal growth meetings, workshops and retreats. 

Because of this she knows honesty, open-mindedness, and the universal principles of success.  While Nikki experienced strong and sustained growth in most areas, she learned to adapt what she had learned to her sexuality as well in order to achieve a “10″ sex life.

Dream Pleasure Tours adult only, lifestyle, swingers tours and travel. “Life is a daring adventure or nothing at all.” 

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