DesirousParty is a Texas based (Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio) private member site exclusively for Lifestyle (Swingers) couples and single females.  Catering to all walks of the lifestyle from the curious to the experienced. Their private and discrete members site helps create the perfect utopia for couples looking to fulfill and inspire new fantasies and desires to amp up their own sexual personality. Non members may attend our sponsored events.  Members have access to profiles, post on the forums, access to full party photo galleries, select house party events, private invite club invites put forth by members, chat room, IM and much more.  DesirousParty invites all Dream Pleasure Tours Guests and web visitors in the Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio areas of Texas to join and see what the buzz is all about. CLICK HERE TO JOIN

If you feel sultry and provocative, DesirousParty.com wants you to come aboard and join our private society. "For Fun, Sexy, Attractive Couples and Single Females! Where the Upscale, Sophisticated and Sexy meet! Catering to the New Lifestyle- DesirousParty.com

By creating an account on DesirousParty.com you will be able to mingle online with other like minded couples and single females in a discreet and private manner.
What do members get?
    •    Create a detailed and descriptive profile if you so desire
    •    Post public and private photos in multiple photo galleries that you can create
    •    Ability to watermark your photos with your profile name
    •    Vote and be rated in the Hottest Photos Section of the Site
    •    View other member photos, leave comments and rate
    •    Give and receive validations
    •    Follow other members to contribute to your and their newsfeeds
    •    Ability to post comments and photos in your newsfeed.
    •    RSVP for parties and trips that are posted on the main page as well as the parties/ trips page.
    •    Post comments to the forum as well as create topics

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27 February 2018
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In 2010, Mira Bellwether wrote "Fucking Trans Women," the first piece of its kind that outlined the sex lives of trans women as an educational and instructional piece of text. In the zine, Bellwether discusses "muffing," a term th...
20 February 2018
Sexual Information
To most "squares," the idea of a swingers party elicits visions of a cramped room full of writhing, sweat-soaked bodies; people uninhibited by "traditional" sexual protocols. But, in reality, a sex party is a finely orchestrated g...
19 February 2018
Resort Travel
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In the midst of glowing reviews of several Belizean resorts recently awarded by renowned travel site, Trip Advisor, the country is also receiving international exposure for two week-long swingers' parties set to be hosted on a pri...