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Spanish Heat at Spice
Special Resort Event
October 1 – 8, 2011

This great trip is over.  Those guests who went on the trip had a fabulous time.  To find out about more swingers and lifestyle vacations and group tours, click on Group Tours in the menu bar to the right.  And don't forget about those swingers cruises.  Click on Cruises in the menu bar to the right for more information.

This is the trip of a lifetime! A place you probably have never been, but a place you'll want to come back to. So why not visit it with people you can have fun with?  This event is at Spice Resort, an all inclusive lifestyle friendly resort on an island loaded with clothing optional beaches.  What could be better? 

Breaking news.  We are very excited to announce that Spice Resort is taking a very active role in producing Spanish Heat.  Please see the week's super fun filled itinerary below.

And now, we are able to offer this trip to you at a super new low price.  Prices this low at all inclusive clothing optional lifestyle events are almost unheard of.  How does this sound?  $226.80 Euro per night, per couple, all inclusive.  That works out to about $320.00 per night, US funds.  Even better, book at least four night and Dream Pleasure Tours will throw in one night for free!  That works out to less that $2,000.00 US for seven nights of clothing optional all inclusive lifestyle fun.  But hurry because the resort says we can only offer a limited number of free night bonuses, and when the resort says STOP, we have to STOP!

But wait--we're also going to throw in an excursion to Timanfaya National Park, home to ‘The Fire Mountains’; this breathtaking landscape is classed as the closest to the moon's surface you’ll find on earth!  Stopping off in the wine region for some tasting on the way back sets you up nicely for an exotic eruption of heat as the sun sets.

Plus every guest who books will be entered to win their accomodation at Spanish Heat 2012 scheduled for October, 2012.  Your chances of winning are very good considering the resort only has 65 rooms.

Dream Pleasure Tours has teamed up with Spice Resort to bring you Spanish Heat. This event is a special resort event at a lifestyle friendly all inclusive clothing optional resort that is fast gaining a name as a premier international lifestyle destination.  But it’s much more than just another week in the sun.  The event’s theme hints at what you can expect.  A little bit of Europe, a little bit of Spain and the exotic charm of the Canary Islands, last stop of ancient mariners headed to the New World.  Close to North Africa, imagine the Casbah as scantily clad couples lounge around on pillows and cushions enjoying erotic delights.

Here is the very special week Spice and Dream Pleasure Tours has planned.  These are themed nights and events unique to Spice.

Saturday 1st October
Meet and greet at the pool bar for Spice's trademark opening party bursting with unique and exciting ways of getting to know each other. 
Dress code: Freestyle

Sunday 2nd October
Senores & Senoritas
Imagine the sound of the passionate Pasa Doble, the erotic flow of a matador’s cape as he teases his prey, Paella by torchlight and seductive Spice Sangria.
Dress code: Red & Black

Monday 3rd October
Mysteriously Moroccan
Experience the mystery of Morocco tonight - harems, belly dancing, indulgent smells to entice your senses and a banquet of Middle Eastern food.
Dress code: Belly Dancers and Arabs

Tuesday 4th October
Freedom, Fetish & Fire
Discover the hottest place in Lanzarote courtesy of Dream Pleasure Tours. Timanfaya National Park, is home to ‘The Fire Mountains’; this breathtaking landscape is classed as the closet to the Moons surface you’ll find on earth!  Stopping off in the wine region for some tasting on the way back sets you up nicely for an exotic eruption of heat as the sun sets.
Dress code: Fetish

Wednesday 5th October
Nautical Naughtiness
Pool party Spice Style! 
Dress code: Nautical

Thursday 6th October
Latin Liaisons
Join the sexy Salsa class or indulge exquisite tequila, mojito and bellini tasting in the steamy Jacuzzi the choice is yours.
Dress code: Super Sexy

Friday 7th October
Canarian Closing
The Canarians are famous for their elaborate fiestas and carnivals so there’s no better finale to this fantastic week than a Canarian Closing.
Hasta pronto amigos.
Dress code: White

We're happy to be partnering with Spice to being you Spanish Heat and we couldn't have picked a better destination. Spice is Europe’s first adult couples only resort that creates an erotic, fun, friendly and exciting environment where you can escape reality. Live your dreams and indulge yourself while releasing your inner most passions in an idyllic setting surrounded by sun, sea and an uninhibited atmosphere. Spice is all inclusive, clothing optional and upscale, but best of all, it caters to swingers and lifestylers.  You’ll find fellow guests eager to meet, mingle and play on the exquisite day beds, the fun and frolic Jacuzzi or the couples only playroom.

At Spanish Heat you can expect the entire week to be themed with a Spanish/North African flavor.
Paella by torch light at the pool, sexy Flamenco, the delights of North African cuisine, and exotic and erotic excursions to tempt you. Spice will entice you to a week of uninhibited adult fun and show you all that the Canary Islands have to offer.  We plans to make this week extra special, and new activities and events will be announced as we get closer to the travel time.


Spice is located on the island of Lanzarote in the Canary Islands. The Canary Islands is an archipelago of islands located about 70 miles off the coast of North Africa.  It is a Spanish territory and enjoys a sub tropical climate with little rain and warm temperature year round, and is a favorite vacation spot for Europeans.  The centre of Puerto Del Carmen is just a five-minute walk from the resort and boasts a good selection of shops, banks, restaurants and bars. This makes Spice ideal for those who don’t want to be “resort bound” and like to get out and explore the local community, without spending a fortune in taxies or hours in shuttles.

Expect October temperatures in the high 70s to low 80s during the day and a little cooler in the evening. Lanzarote gets little rainfall, having a climate similar to southern California, with low humidity.  Because you’re on an island, Lanzarote is a great place for ocean adventures.  Swimming, surfing, kite boarding, scuba diving and fishing excursions are all available.  Plus miles and miles of beaches including a number of nudist beaches.  Walking, hiking, horseback riding and even camel adventures await the explorer in you.  Best of all, this island paradise is only ten minutes from the international airport.

This resort takeover has it all.  You’ll be staying in a boutique, upscale resort catering to people in the lifestyle. You’ll have perfect sunny, warm Southern California style weather.  You’ll be minutes away from bars, restaurants, shopping and the beach.  You’ll dine at Allspice, the restaurant previous visitors are raving about.  You’ll lay in the sun naked, meet new friends by the pool, in the Jacuzzi, and the disco.  You’ll party your night away in the playroom. And you’ll be entertained by Aphrodizia in a manner you’ve never experienced before.  Also, Spice has a very open policy towards sexual activity.  It's not allowed in the pool, and of course, in the restaurant.  But other than that, it's up to you how much fun you want to have!

Here’s what Sam and Whit from Canada have to say: “What a great vacation. The atmosphere is absolutely sexy. All the details have been thought out. The staff is top notch and the food is fantastic. If you’re looking for a sexy break, Spice is exactly what you need.”

Don’t forget—going with a group is the best time to go to a lifestyle friendly resort. By travelling with a others you will know that there are plenty of couples to get acquainted with.  You can also be confident that every traveler on your adventure is like-minded, so you don’t need to worry about people not familiar with, or approving of, lifestyle focused activities regardless of your level of involvement.  As an added bonus you will have a host couple from both Dearm Pleasure Tours and Aphrodizia at the resort to make sure your vacation is a great one.   Our customers all tell us they have more fun, meet more people, and get more play time when they join in with one of our takeover tours.


How confident are we? Okay, if you haven’t been on one of our sexy adult vacations before you may still not be convinced.  So, here is our guarantee.  If you go on this vacation and you don’t have one of the best vacations ever, we’ll give you a $200 travel voucher good for any other vacation.

For more information, pictures and weather on Spice Resort visit:  Spice Resort

To connect with other travelers visit:  The World Exotic Travel Club

PRICE GUARANTEE - The prices quoted above are the prices in effect at the time of publication of this trip. Should the resort prices be lower at the time of booking, we guarantee your reservation will be booked at the lowest price available at the time the reservation is received.

Need additional information or different dates?  Call us for more information.
(800) 349-3025



More Information on Things to Do and See in Lanzarote:

Lanzarote is the most eastern of the Canary Islands. It is situated 125 km from the African coast and its surface covers 846 km2. Its maximum length is about 60 km and its width about 21 km. A group of islets called the Chinijo archipelago belong to Lanzarote: La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este and Roque del Oeste.

Teguise Market. Every Sunday from 9:00 to 14:00 h. In this market, one of the largest in Europe, you can find all the memories of Lanzarote, clothing, crafts. All enlivened by several rooms of live music.

El Golfo is one of the few and rare examples of hydro-volcanism - volcanic activity that occurs near the coast. In its interior, in the centre of the crater, has emerged La Laguna de los Ciclos, a lake of the most intense green - a colour that is produced by the concentration of the algae, Ruppia Maritima.
Los Hervideros is the name by which the coast is known at the point where the waves violently strike the pathways formed by the lava floes. When the sea is choppy, it strikes against the holes in the lava and shoots up to the surface, as if it were boiling.

Las Salinas del Janubio is a place of scientific interest where not only the fauna is protected, but also the traditional method of extracting salt from the seawater. Before the eruptions of 1730-1736, it was the best natural harbour on Lanzarote, but the eruptions created a sand bar that closed this point forming a lake called La Caleta de Janubio.


Mirador del Río. From the windows of its domes, one can contemplate the views that are offered to the visitor at this height: the Atlantic Ocean and the Chinijo archipelago - La Graciosa, Alegranza, Montaña Clara, Roque del Este, Roque del Oeste and Roque del Infierno - a marine reserve area.El Mirador is built into a place where previously a battery of canonswas installed for use in the war between Spain and the U.S.A. over Cuba in the C19. It was built in 1973, at a height of 479 metres above sea level. It is not simply an excavation in the cliff, but rather a building with two enormous buried domes, so as to hide the construction. It was conceived by the artist, Cesar Manrique, with the collaboration of Jesus Soto and the architect, Eduardo Caceres.  From this beautiful place, one can contemplate the beach at Risco, which can be reached by boat or on foot following the cliff path - one should not forget that returning to the cliff top is a steep climb and one must go prepared to spend the day.

From the Mirador one can also see Las Salinas del Río; the oldest salt plains of the archipelago, which have been used since Roman times. Lastly, and to satisfy the most curious, the name of Rio, or river, comes from the thin stretch of sea of approximately two kilometres which separates La Graciosa and Lanzarote.

Cueva de Los Verdes. In the C18, these caves served as a refuge for the natives, the Majoreros, when they suffered attacks from slavers or pirates. La Cueva de los Verdes forms part of the lava flow which originated from the eruption of the volcano of La Corona, and which advanced underground while the surface solidified. At the entrance of La Cueva de los Verdes, there occurs a phenomena known as jameo, the collapse of the surface due to weight or a gas explosion. In 1964, Jesus Soto transformed almost two kilometres of caves, respecting to the utmost its structure and limiting the changes to the installation of a magnificent system of lighting that enhances this natural phenomena, highlighting in all its splendour the hues of the cave walls. Gentle ambient music accompanies this spectacle, converting this tourist centre into one of the most beautiful. Inside the cave an auditorium has been installed, the second venue of the Visual Music Festival of Lanzarote. Jameos del Agua is the number one tourist centre on the island. It was built by Jesus Soto and Luis Morales in 1968 from an idea by Cesar Manrique, and completed in 1987 with the construction of the auditorium.

Los Jameos del Agua - like La Cueva de Los Verdes - was formed by the lava flow from the eruption of the volcano, La Corona, which advanced while the surface solidified. Due to the action of the gas trapped beneath the surface, part of the surface collapsed. The entrance is the so-called 'jameo chico'. It has been turned into a bar-restaurant, access to which is gained by a stone stairway. It communicates with the 'jameo grande' by a pathway of 100 metres in length and 13 metres wide that crosses the small lake that is home to the 'jameito', tiny blind albino crabs that are unique to Lanzarote. The 'jameo grande' has been turned into a beautiful garden of tropical plants species centred around a vibrant, turquoise-coloured pool. At the end of this 'jameo', an auditorium of 600 seats has been built which possesses excellent acoustics. It is the venue for concerts and spectacles like the prestigious Festival of Visual Music of Lanzarote.

If you wish to know a little more about the volcanoes and their formation, the processes that formed the island are demonstrated in the museum of volcanism, 'Casa de Los Volcanes', through the use of displays, videos, monitors, etc.

The Jardin de Cactus was the last work of Cesar Manrique, a symbol of the island's history where one can see more than 10,000 cacti in the setting of a converted quarry, which has the form of an amphitheatre. The Jardín de Cactus is found on the outskirts of Guatiza, on the road to Mala. It is in this area where during more than a century the cochineal beetle has been cultivated - an insect which lives in the cactus and whose larva are used to produce the valuable natural colorant, cochineal. From the road, one can easily recognise the entrance to the cactus garden, as there rises up an 8 metre sculpture of a cactus.  In this tourist centre, an abandoned 'rofe' (volcanic ash) quarry in the shape of an amphitheatre has been used, in whose terraces one can admire more than 10,000 different kinds of cacti from the Canary Islands, America and Madagascar.  In the centre, stick up stone monoliths that complement the design of the garden. On one side, rises up an old windmill, restored in 1973 by Manrique, in which is produced 'gofio' (corn flour), consumed by the islanders' ancestors. The garden offers visitors various services and a bar-restaurant.


The Cesar Manrique Foundation has converted itself into the custodian of the works of the artistic genius, Cesar Manrique, who gives his name to the foundation. Though it was founded in 1987 as 'Friends of Lanzarote', it was not until 1992 that it became the Cesar Manrique Foundation.  The Foundation is situated in what was Cesar Manrique's house, known as 'El Taro de Tahiche'. Taro is an island word for a construction of stones placed upon each other without the use of cement; in front of the house, there is one of these 'taros'. The Foundation is built on an unusual and unique terrain, over five lava bubbles and a 'jameo'. The construction of what was the house began in 1968, together with work on Los Jameos del Agua and el Monumento al Campesino.

In the underground level, and taking advantage of the lava bubbles, five distinct rooms were created: the fountain room, the white room, the red room, the black room and the yellow room. The lava bubbles are eight metres across and five metres high, open and decorated with the same colour as their names. On the inside of the 'jameo', the artist integrated a pool of the same design as that of Los Jameos del Agua, though of a smaller size. In the upper level, in what previously were the rooms in the house, are the galleries of the museum where one can view the work of Manrique, as well as other works by Picasso, Miro, Chillida, Guerrero, Chirino, Sempere, etc. that form part of his private collection.  'El Taro de Tahiche', today converted into the Cesar Manrique Foundation, is a beautiful place where the exterior landscape and modern designs are combined with harmony.

On the mountain of Guanapay, near La Villa de Teguise, rises the Castle of Santa Barbara, or Guanapay, built in the C16 as a watchtower.  The castle was built by Sancho de Herrera in the C16, and suffered attacks from pirates and Corsairs. In 1586, the siege mounted by the pirate, Morato Arraez, caused such damages that King Philip II charged the engineer, Torriani, with its reconstruction. From 1596, the castle has maintained the same structure. Today has been turned into a museum dedicated to the emigration from the Canary Islands to America. In its seven galleries, one can contemplate the objects that the islanders carried on their long journey to a world that they imagined full of opportunities, the American continent.


El Castillo de San Jose was raised due to the need to defend the island from pirate attacks. Today it holds the International Museum of Contemporary Art, created in 1975 by Cesar Manrique, with the purpose of bringing to the island the most characteristic works of modern art. The castle is a fortress that was built in the C18 by order of Carlos III. The work took place between 1774 and 1779 and involved a high number of islanders. Cesar Manrique was in charge of the renovations, which respected the internal structure of the building, adding only the café-restaurant to the original structure. On 8th December 1976, the castle opened as the International Museum of Contemporary Art, attracting a great deal of attention as the most ambitious art exhibition in Spain as 180 internationally recognised artists attended the event.

In the geographical centre of the island, the Monumento al Campesino emerges from the land, a sculpture formed by fifteen metres of water tanks - from old fishing boats - soldered together and painted white; a work carried out by Jesus Soto and Cesar Manrique. El Monumento al Campesino, or El Monumento a La Fecundidad, is found in a landscape of unequalled beauty, La Geria, where one can see a unique form of cultivation by which the farmer tries to retain a little of the rainwater that falls.

La Casa Museo, an old restored country house, reproduces a rural architecture: central patio, aljibe, balconies, oven, wine press, ceramics workshop, hilados, crafts and carpentry - everything in an immaculate white. Apart from visiting the workshops and seeing the domestic objects that reflect the life of the old islanders, one can enjoy typical dishes in the restaurant beside the Casa Museo.

The National Park of Timanfaya is the clearest exponent of the volcanic origins of the island. Its reds, ocres and blacks form a lunar landscape that will not leave visitors indifferent.  The volcanic eruptions produced in 1730 (which lasted six years) and those in 1824 created new craters, they entombed whole villages and buried the most fertile terrain on the island. Following the road towards the park, one arrives at the Islote de Hilario, where one can see the tourist attraction of the artificial geysers, provoked by pouring cold water into a magma chamber that is located at a depth of three kilometres. In El Islote, one finds the restaurant, El Diablo, famously created by the international artist, Cesar Manrique, where one can taste typical Canarian food cooked on a natural oven. Amongst the options for the tourist, one can choose between visiting the park on camel-back; covering a 14 kilometre bus tour, during which one reaches some of the most famous places in the park and can listen to the narration by the priest of Yaiza about the volcanic eruptions; or taking on foot one of the two guided routes - the Tremesana route or the Litoral route.

La Geria.  La Geria is the name used for the agricultural zone whose principal characteristic is the way in which the vines are cultivated, a consequence of the farmer's fight to retain water of the night's dew. The protected zone of La Geria comprises the centre of the island, in which are found the townships of Tinajo, Yaiza, Tias, San Bartolome and Teguise. Its declaration as protected area had as its objective the preservation of the traditional agricultural landscape. The technique consists in cleaning the land, putting down fertile soil, covering it with volcanic ashes and building around it walls to protect the vines from the strong winds. The night's dew forms on the surface and is absorbed and retained by the porous volcanic rock. During the day, the surface is all that is exposed to the sun, the rays do not penetrate the soil.  Of special note are Las Calderas de Guardilama, Montaña Chupadero, Montaña Blanca and Guatisea, amongst others.

Lanzarote Beaches:

Lanzarote has 250km of coastline, including the 55km of coastline of the islets. Cliffs comprise 157km of the coastline, and gravel and sand beaches make up the rest. Lanzarote has 99 beaches; La Graciosa has 9; and La Alegranza has 1. The majority of the beaches are sandy, golden-white.  A number of beaches are open to naturism (clothing optional) in Lanzarote, albeit discreet. These include Guacimeta beach near Lanzarote's airport, Papagayo beach to the south (stunning and wild is this beach), some at Famara, Janubio beach on the west coast of Lanzarote near El Golfo (black sand on this side of the island), and some naturism at Playa Quemada which is quiet and close to Puerto Calero's delightful marina. There's good coastal walking at Quemada too.

Guacimeta (Playa Honda) Guacimeta is a beach of some 1,000m of golden sand, where you can windsurf and kitesurf. It is easily reached from the road. I must  point out that the island's only airport is situated nearby.

Papagayo (Playa Blanca) A collection of beaches in the south of Lanzarote with golden sands of between 100m and 400m in length and separated by high promontories. Together with Famara, Papagayo is the most attractive beach in Lanzarote. Surrounded by the rustic violence of Los Ajaches, its beach areas are separated by very low rocky outcrops.

Famara (Caleta de Famara) Four miles [6 km] of majestic beach, brownish sand Sheltered by the mountain cliff, which has the highest point on the island, Peñas del Chache (670 metres);  Famara has some of the most striking scenery on the island.  It is a must to see with its stones, dunes and the crags, which, together with the mist, make it a landscape of extraordinary beauty and strangeness.

El Risco beach This is one of the wildest beaches on the island due to its difficult access - by boat from Orzola or by coming down the cliffs at Famara. The beach has invaluable historic importance due the presence of Las Salinas del Rio, the oldest salt flats of the island, which are nowadays closed. It is also an archaeological site of prehistorical remains. We advise you to go prepared to pass the whole day - with food, drink, etc. - and remember going down to the beach is easier than getting back up!

Janubio (Yaiza) Black sand beach of great beauty near the well-known salt flats, A tasty peaceful relaxation contemplation by the proximity of the majestic Salinas de Janubio.

Caleton Blanco At the North of the island, near Orzola, there are a number of white sandy beaches with shimmering turquoise lagoons (Caleton Blanco). The contrast between the bleached white sand and black lava is quite stunning.

Charco del Palo In places with coastal cliffs and no beach, natural pools have been created. This is a residential area of pretty houses, which make up a nudist colony for those seeking peace. Charco del Palo is one of the few nudist areas in Lanzarote in a rustic setting with two swimming pools.

La Graciosa The island of La Graciosa is known for having the best beaches on Lanzarote. In the south are La Bahia del Salado, El Caleton del Marrajo and spectacular Playa de La Cocina beneath Montaña Amarilla. To the north are Playa Lambra and Playa de Las Conchas - 500m of white sand. The beach is reached on foot or on bicycle from La Caleta del Sebo.

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