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Sept 7-12, 2011
Lake Mead and Las Vegas, Nevada


Join in the fun for a five night vacation to Las Vegas and Lake Mead.  Spend three nights and four days lounging on a houseboat floating on the clear waters behind the world famous Hoover Dam. Tucked away in the secluded coves of the lake, enjoy clothing optional fun and lifestyle friendly play with other like minded adults.

Package includes: two night hotel accomodation, three night houseboat accomodation on Lake Mead, boat rental, boat insurance, Early Arrival Party, Meet N Greet and certain organized activities.  Food, beverages, certain costs associated with operating the house boat, and transportation are extra.  See Frequently Asked Questions. 

The Get-A-Way Group has been organizing houseboat vacations for years. These vacations have a loyal following of fun loving open minded people and in 2011 they’ve agreed to open up their houseboats vacations to Dream Pleasure Tours customers.  We’re really excited about being able to represent this unique vacation opportunity .  It’s and ideal new experience for those who've been everywhere and done it all, and it’s also a great affordable vacation for those whose budget won’t allow an out of the country getaway.

You’ll be joining Captain Ron and Jan, and Joyce, our Hosts and Houseboat coordinators. They’ve developed an itinerary that includes Meet N Greets, theme dances, activities and more.  But there will be plenty of time for relaxing, swimming, and enjoying the sun, not to mention partying and playing with the other vacationers.

This trip is a five night trip, with two nights in Henderson, Nevada (a suburb of Las Vegas) and three night aboard ship out on the lake.  However, while the trip organizers recommend staying the full five nights, you may come in on the Thursday and spend only one night in the hotel.

Because houseboat vacations are new to most of our customers, we’ve put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions so you can determine if a houseboat vacation is right for you.  If you still have questions, please call us for more information.  Otherwise, click on any of the Book Now images to make your reservation.

Frequently Asked Questions

The History Of The Houseboat Tour? In 1980 a small group of lifestyle couples got together in the beginning of the year and decided to rent a Houseboat. It so happened to work out that there was more interest than expected which translated into two boats that first weekend. The first houseboat event was held on Lake Mohave just above Laughlin on the Colorado River between Nevada and Arizona. After eight years of growth this once small group of friends had grown and moved to beautiful Lake Mead at Callville Bay just east of Las Vegas Nevada.

This trip has now grown to as many as fifteen boats going twice a year. To date more than a thousand couples have participated in what started out as a fantastic four day trip and has turned into six days of jam-packed fun and fabulous events. Everything from wine tastings to health lectures and much more! Passengers from all over the would come to enjoy this beautiful lake and join in on what has turned into a thirty first year memorable journey.  A best value for a lifestyle tour, this trip will cost well under $175 a day.

Who And What Is The Get-A-Way Group? The Get-A-Way Group (GAWG) manages the Houseboat Tour. They have some thirty years of expertise in running this event with an exemplary record of safety. The GAWG's main responsibility is safety of all passengers. They provide security for the tour and handle any incident that would be detrimental to the well being of the passengers. The GAWG also organizes pre and post tour events such as "Early Arrival Party" and "Meet N Greet". GAWG also organizes parties throughout the year such as the "HouseBoat Reunion Party" held after each tour.

How Many Days Is the Houseboat Tours? Three nights on Lake Mead and two nights at the designated hotel in Henderson, NV some fifteen minutes from the Las Vegas McCarran Airport. This days include the "Early Arrival Party" on Wednesday and the "Meet-N-Greet" on Thursday before the tour. You'll  have time to enjoy Las Vegas with a tour of the strip or downtown, or go a show or hit the Factory Outlets for a little shopping.

Do We Have To Be In The Lifestyle For Housebaat Tour? You don't have to be a swinger to enjoy yourself, but you can't be offended by it either. You might see anything, anytime, anywhere, but no one will make you feel uncomfortable, or be pushy.

What Are The HouseBoats Like? The 59' deluxe houseboat is a great high-end boat. This model has a very open and spacious living area in the front salon, dining table and chairs, breakfast counter, a fully equipped kitchen, 4 queen beds complete with all the bedding. Other features include sun canopy, wet bar and ice maker. A 500' + sundeck with railing, VHF radio, TV, Radio and DVD stereo, gas BBQ grill, air conditioning, 4 walk-in bedrooms with queen beds, 1 1/2 bathrooms and, once we are aboard, a lot of fun!! Individual couples often bring their own bedding and sleep on top under the stars.  On the lower deck of the main boat is a Jacuzzi. While the Houseboat's level of luxury is not the Ritz they're not motel 6 either.

The government rules allow for no more than 12 people on a moving Houseboat, no matter the size. Many people bring or rent a powerboat for touring, fishing and sightseeing (like the Hoover Dam). When the boat is not in motion, there are no restrictions on the number of people you may have onboard. Operation of the Houseboat is the Captain's responsibility. There are several precautions, which must be taken to prevent serious damage to the boats and ensure the safety of the passengers. The Captains have been briefed and trained on these matters.  Upon arrival at the secret cove all Houseboats are tied together at the shoreline providing easy access to each boat.

What Are the People Like That Go On The Tour? Just like you and me! The Get-A-Way Group tours have a reputation for being a non-pushy friendly environment thus we attract new non swingers (newbie's) as well as very experienced lifestyle couples.  As a general rule and on average, each tour has approximately 33% of the group that are return customers and what we might call regulars. Because each tour is different, it would be safe to say the Houseboat Get-A-Way Group average age is mid forties, but ages can range from the late twenties to the sixties. Because each tour is different it would be hard to say what the people will be like other than to say all have an interest in the lifestyle, enjoy the beauty of the region and love to have fun.

What's A Clothing Optional Vacation Like? Clothing optional vacation are just like any vacation you take except you don't have to wear clothes. This segment of the travel industry is really growing thus, more and more providers of vacation resorts offering the option to go nude.
Remember, you can choose to go with or without your clothing - it's your option.

Can Singles Join the Houseboat Tours? Yes, with one condition! As long as we have equal numbers of men and women and coupled for the tour.

Why Does This Event Sellout? This tour has always been a sellout because of the low over all cost, tremendous amount of fun and minimal hassle. This is due largely to the fact that a spirit of cooperation, tolerance, and good old-fashioned friendliness and good manners are a part of what makes our lifestyle as great as it is.

Where Is Callville Bay Marina? Approximately 23 miles from Henderson, Nevada driving northeast on E. Lake Mead Dr. into the Federal Recreation Park area. If the Park Rangers Office is open there is a nominal gate fee which lets you pass through a National Park Service gate where the fee is collected on your way to the marina.

What's Included in the Price? The cost of the Houseboat tour covers the rental of the boat, boat insurance, Early Arrival Party, Meet-N-Greet and managing the tour. Additional costs include transportation to the event, food and beverage, hotel, share of boat fuel, ice and oil and all other cost incidental to the tour. This cost varies but it's safe to say the cost is minimal with the exception of air-fare to the event. On average tour cost for the full 6 days runs between $800 and $1000 total plus personal transportation and you're not wanting for anything. Each boat is responsible for its expenses and the Captains will collect from each couple when the boats return to the dock after refueling at the end of the tour. 

We Have Far From Perfect Bodies. Will We Be Embarrassed? If you're expecting to see perfect bodies everywhere on every boat, you are likely to be disappointed. As we mentioned before, most everyone is just like you and me.

I'm Concerned About Smoking? Assigning people to boats is a sufficiently complicated process without trying to make such assignments based on whether or not a person is a smoker. Although this may seem like an important issue to some, in reality it has not been. The boats are roomy and include a patio-like area at the front (bow) where people may smoke without disturbing those who don't. As long as everyone is considerate of other's rights, this should not become a problem. Smoking is never allowed inside or on the upper deck or back of any boats.

How Do We Know Where We'll Sleep On The Boat? The Captains will determine bed assignments by some form. We have found that an air mattress on the roof under the stars adds enjoyment to the Tour. Although linens are provided, you may prefer bringing sleeping bags for convenience. There are 4 beds and a sleeper sofa on each boat.

Should We Rent A Car? For over thirty years couples have been flying in from as far away as Hong Kong for the Lake Mead Get-A-Way Group Houseboat Tours.  Here is what the average couple does: Fly in to Las Vegas and (1.) Rent a car. Or better yet (2.) Get a ride to the hotel on a shuttle. One good reason to get on our yahoo - HouseBoat Get-A-Way Group web-site is the chance you’ll meet or talk with someone who can give you a ride or a couple who wouldn’t mind sharing the cost of the rental car. Of course you can always take a shuttle to the hotel as well and make you connections there.  Next – at the hotel you let us know and everybody you meet that's on the tour that you need a ride. You’ll also need to go and get food for the tour as well. Couples usually (1.) Rent a car at the hotel and go buy food at surrounding stores i.e. Sam, Wal-Mart, Costco, Smith (food store), Von’s or whatever. The other options are (2.) hookup with someone and go shopping.

How do you get to Lake Mead - Callville Bay? Let it be known you need transportation to the lake! (1.) You rent a car or (2.) You hookup again and get a ride with another couple.  I think you get the idea – people are really friendly and a ride should be really easily to come by. Of course as always it’s your call.

Do I Have To Be Nude To Go On This Tour? Another frequently asked question is about the clothing optional part. It is just that - optional. Many people enjoy the freedom and remain textile free the entire weekend, but there are also many who wear a bathing suit or light cover up and at night, the ladies wear their sexy attire or teddies to set the mood for a night out on the boats.

What Is The Food Like And Who Prepares It? One unbelievable tradition is the food. There is a lot of it and a wide verity of delicious dishes. One thing is certain, you won't go home hungry! We have found that the best way to handle meals is each couple to be responsible for one meal for everyone on their boat. In addition, some Saturdays or Sundays evening meals can be a potluck with all boats participating. Snacks and drinks are the responsibility of each couple under the Captains direction. The kitchen is equipped with two refrigerators, a stove with conventional oven, a microwave oven, toaster, coffee maker, and a blender. There are a few cooking utensils and basic dinnerware to eat with. You may want to consider bringing any specialty cooking utensils and paper or plastic dinnerware to make the kitchen chores easier. Check with your captain.  There are two large ice coolers on the front patio and most people bring one of their own, so there is plenty of space for drinks, etc. Topside there is an ice machine to help supplement your ice needs.

How Do You Assign Couples To A Boat? Don't worry about which boat you've been assigned. We run all the boats ashore together at the shoreline. This allows us to have the privacy that we require and enables everyone on the tour to interact with the entire group. You'll have ample opportunity to meet everyone on the tour, and we encourage you to make the effort to "mix and match" as much as you like. Just remember that where you eat and sleep, these are the only arrangements dictated by your boat assignment.  Each boat is assigned a couple who will act as boat captains. These captains are there to insure your safety and assist passenger's enjoyment. The captains check out their boat, organize including the scheduling of meals and insure that the boats are returned in good order. They receive no remuneration however; they have received training and knowledge of the tour for you safety and enjoyment. You can expect to have first contact with your captains some 30 days before the Meet and Greet, which is on the Thursday just before the Tour. Your boat assignments for meals and operation of your boat will be discussed. The captains should be able to answer all of your questions you may have at that time.  As a passenger or a person who has an interest in the tour you can always contact us for more information. You as a passenger are ultimately responsible for your good conduct and own safety.

How Safe Is This Tour? We have been fortunate in the past and have not had any serious accidents or injuries. Common sense around water and boats applies.

What Activities Will I Find During The HouseBoat Tour? Lots! Each morning as early as you want to get up there is "The Coffee Clutch" a place on one of the boats where folk gather together. Meet new friends and catch-up on what's happening on the tour and in the world. On the back of each boat is a glass door with a posted "Calendar of Events" of each day's activities so you will have an opportunity to plan your day and evening. There are so many events that you can't or won't be able to go to all of them. Each boat has its breakfast, lunch schedule. Usually Friday is Captains Meal on each boat. Saturday, Sunday a pot-luck dinner. Saturday night with a theme dance and music throughout the day. Events such as self hiking tours and impromptu excursion to see Hoover Dam as well as trips to the Callville Marina Store or just napping and do nothing but lay in the sun.  Needless to say there is something for everyone. One might say your calendar will be full.

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