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Desire Los Cabos Labor Day Group
August 31 - September 05, 2012

Rates are per couple, per night and all-inclusive:

Deluxe Garden View Room: $270.00 per night
Deluxe Pool View: $340.50 per night
Ocean View Jacuzzi Suite: $530.00 per night
Passion Suite:$630.00 per night

Airport / Resort Transfers for bookings of four nights or more
Deposit: $500.00 {$1000.00 for Suites}
Balance Due: May 30, 2012

Cancel prior to May 30, 2012 $100.00 pp cancellation fee
Cancel after May 30, 2012 no refund - non negotiable

Come spend Labor Day in the perfect place for romance, passion and memorable encounters. Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos will give you great opportunities to meet other guests who have the same desire to enjoy the sun and sensuality of Los Cabos.

Come with and experience a world of seduction and comfort that will awaken your most secret desires. Find the perfect setting for romantic walks, sunbathe and play in the delicious topless optional beach as you sip a refreshing drink, have fun in the pool with fun games and forget about all inhibitions in the erotic atmosphere of the clothing optional Jacuzzi Lounge. 

With seductive décor and unique amenities, the suite or room of your preference will ignite your days and nights with passion like no other place. Imagine a delicious evening escaping from the world in your own jacuzzi, while sipping on bubbling wine, feeling the delicate breeze of the Sea of Cortez and discovering new pleasurable sensations. 

Surrender to all the sensual moments that you will experience at Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos. Succulent gourmet dinners will seduce all your senses, as tempting flavors and ambiances set the perfect mood for great evenings of passion. Dress according to the theme of the night, making those wild fantasies come alive and join in the Melange Bar where you will enjoy titillating erotic shows, games and contests. 

Just 15 minutes from the International Airport, Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos is steps away from great shopping and only 3 km (2 miles) from the San Jose del Cabo colonial downtown area, where visitors will find trendy and traditional boutiques as well as the perfect backdrop for romantic evening strolls.

More moments of pleasure await you in the spa where the alluring deep blue Sea of Cortez gives you the privacy you need to unleash some passion while enjoying the jacuzzi for two and a relaxing massage. The deliciously erotic vacation you've always desired, will come true at Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos.

Daily Activities:

Wake up to the action of Desire and enjoy a world of sensual activities that will remind you why you love Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos
so much. If your interest is water sports, there is water polo, beach and pool volleyball. Sexy contests, events and activities will give you many more reasons to enjoy the pool every day, heating up the already erotic atmosphere of the clothing optional resort. For quieter activities, you will also find darts, ping-pong and a variety of board games or a selection of books.

Nightly Activities:

Mondays at Desire Los Cabos will invite you to relive the fantasy of Studio 54. Feel like a celebrity and let go of inhibitions in the most exhilarating atmosphere. Just as it once happened inside the doors of the glamorous NYC nightclub of the 70’s, you will be immersed into a world of sensual bodies, incandescent lights and seductive music. This is the night to join in the Melange Bar where Go-Go dancers will make your heart pound with their provocative moves and the DJ won’t let you leave the dance floor, playing his upbeat disco music that will bring back to life the greatest hits of the 70's and early 80’s. Wear all the classic accessories and attire of those decades with the color and shine of yesteryear and be prepared for a night that will blow your mind away!

Dress Code:
70s & 80s disco style, Saturday night fever

This is the night to make your wildest fantasies come true. In the morning, you will be given the opportunity to share the dream you haven’t yet fulfilled and when the sun begins to set Desire's animation team will make every effort so that you won’t have to spend one more night wishing you could do it. What is it? Becoming a chocolate human bar? Having a passionate encounter with your partner in the jacuzzi filled with Champagne? Just say it out loud and consider it done! Ladies, this is the night to stop worrying about having nothing to wear, this time you can be as creative as you want, show up covered with lampshades, cardboard boxes, tape, balloons, palm leaves, it’s your call. Just remember that this is ABC night (Anything But Clothes).

Dress Code:
ABC (Anything But Clothes ) Wear anything but clothes. ex: trash bags, saran wrap, lampshades, trashcans, tape, cardboard boxes,balloons, palm leaves, etc.

Be transported in time and space to the sinful Venice of Casanova. Ladies, if you have ever had a fantasy with this master of seduction, this is the time to put on nothing but your colorful beads and feathers and act on it. Gents, looking so irresistible in your cloaks and masks, feel confident to begin the chase. Join your playmates in the Melanage Bar to be part of the Carnival Masquarade Party and be sure that with seductive games and performances, Wednesdays at Desire will bring to life your most playful fantasies.

Dress Code:
Masks, carnival outfits, beads, feathers, cloaks and bright colors.

This will be an unforgettable night, filled with the pleasures, flavors and colors that have made Mexico so famous in the rest of the world. Come to the Melange Bar, decorated as a Mexican Hacienda, and feel as though you are in the old Mexico, when men had sexy moustaches and the ladies wore ribbons in their hair. Dress up in sexy green, naughty white or burning red clothes, and blend in this colorful celebration. Don't worry if you did't pack anything like that, because you can also go for a body painting creation from an artist that will be happy to share his magic with you. Once you are ready to party, join us in our sensual games like Tequila body shots and the contest to choose the most orgasmic Mariachi scream. This will be a night to be part of great traditions and forge new ones.

Dress Code: Time to show our colors, sexy green, naughty white and burning red.

Just as the Roman Emperors are well remembered for their wild parties, Caligula Friday Night will become a memorable event at Desire Los Cabos. While red wine, cheese and bread will be the flavors to delight your palate with, the most captivating atmosphere will fascinate all of your senses. Put on your most sensual, revealing toga, come with your partner to the beds of the Melanage Bar and begin enjoying the pleasures of life. Be seduced by the elements, admiring the sensual movements of aero dancers and fire performers, who will certainly increase the heat of the night. Then, the strongest gladiators will fight, displaying their great courage and passion, so don't be surprised if you feel compelled to surrender all of your inhibitions. 

Dress Code: Toga, Troyan, slaves, gladiators, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra.

The temptations of the night turn into desires. Be seduced by the sensual bodies that will be stripping their clothes off in the shadows of the Melange Bar and enjoy another hot, steamy night at Desire Los Cabos. That's right, Saturday night at Desire will give you every opportunity to feel part of the always erotic ambiance of the couples only resort. Come in your choice for the occasion and rock the lingerie fashion show, or remain an avid spectator, your sheer outfits will help you reveal most of your hidden desires.

Dress Code: Sheer Lingerie,pasties, boxers, Pj`s.

Discover the seductive environment of the Melange Bar as the moon shines over the clothing optional resort and the guest piano player fills the atmosphere with the most stimulating sounds at Ebony & Ivory Night. Picture yourself in your most elegant white and black outfit, slow dancing right next to the beautiful sea and moon. This will be a night of deliciously erotic contrasts with passion evoking games and steamy shows that will simply make you wish your stay at Desire Los Cabos could last forever!

Dress Code: Sexy Elegant Black & White.

Discover the most passionate cuisines and sensual environments in the restaurants and bars of Desire Resort & Spa Los Cabos. The most exquisite venues where you and your partner will enjoy seductive dinners that will make the difference in your clothing optional resort experience. From elegant restaurants like II Piacere Restaurant to a more casual dining experience at Tentazione to the delicious asian inspired cuisine of Suki, your palate is sure to be as satisfied as the rest of you. Not to mention sexy bars like the notorious rooftop, clothing optional Jacuzzi Lounge and the pulsating heart of Desire Los Cabos, L'Alternative Disco offers dancing music and an exciting environment. Dance the night away with your partner and your favorite guests while showing off your sex appeal in your wildest party gear.

And the privacy of the couples–only Play Room, passion truly rules the night. This room is exclusive for guests, because only guests know what happens inside. Decorated with dark windows, lounge beds and carpet, the Play Room is the place where the wildest part of your vacation happens.

You won't forget these five fabulous nights at Desire Los Cabos.
Clothing optional, couples only, and with a sexy ambiance that has made Desire one of the world’s most sensual resort. Come to Desire Los Cabos and experience all of its pleasures for yourself.

This is your opportunity to fulfill your wildest of vacation fantasies
with you and your partner as you make new friends, party and play or just relax and do your own thing. You couldn’t find a better place to do it. Plus this vacation is all inclusive. That means your accommodations, your meals and all the booze you can drink are all included.

Check out more pictures, information, weather and more on Desire Los Cabos.

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Rates quoted are for the resort accommodation only.

Call us to book by phone or if you have any questions 800-349-3025.

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