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Lifestyle information.

Enjoy the articles, some are written by me, most are taken from other great sources and always credited. The lifestyle is ever changing and evergrowing and in my honest opinion, everyone's take on the Lifestyle should be heard. So enjoy the articles and tell me what you think.


If you are a newbie going to a swingers club or a meet-up for the first time, you may be wondering what type of questions the other couples that you meet will ask you. Regardless of what you end up talking about with that couple you meet, you can expect to get asked at least a few of these questions.

1. What are you into?
The question one couple ask another when they want to find out what type of experience they are looking for with another couple.

2. How long have you been in the lifestyle?
This question is important to help another couple understand how experienced another couple is in the lifestyle.

3. Have you had any experiences with another couple?
This question is usually reserved for newbies. Experienced swinger couples take a lot of pride in being the first experience for a newbie couple.

4. Are you guys playing tonight?
"Play" is the term used to describe the act of having sex in the swinging community. A couple asking you if you are playing tonight is a subtle way of asking you to hook up with them.

5. Are you coming back to the playroom?
The playroom is the section of a swingers club reserved for couples to have sex.

6. Do you guys want to play?
A lot of couples are very direct about there intentions. Don't get thrown off by this. Most lifestyle couples are unattached emotionally to whether you say yes or no.

7. Do you guys play separately?
A lot of couples in the swinging lifestyle are ok with their partners hooking up with someone else without them being present. If you are not one of those couples, a simple "no" will do.

8. Is your wife bi-friendly?
Bi-friendly is the term used to describe a female who is comfortable with sexual situations between her and another female. That makes up about 65% of all the females in the lifestyle community.

9. What are your rules?
All swinger couples have rules. Some more than others. It's common courtesy for a couple to ask another couple what their rules and restrictions are before getting into any sexual situations with that couple.

10. Your boobs look great. Can I touch them?
Despite what most may believe, people just don't want around and randomly grope each other at swingers events. Yes, there is touching, but most people ask politely first. That request to touch usually comes after a nice compliment. Touching is used as a form of icebreaker and also helps to gauge how interested a couple may be in hooking up. They are also very OK with you saying "no thank you".

11. What social sites are you on?
Most swinger couples are members on one or more lifestyle social sites. Swingers use these sites to meet other local swingers, stay connected with friends they make on swinger vacations, and find out what events are happening locally.

12. What's your screen name?
This is the follow-up question to the one above. This question is normally referring to the screen name or username you use on your lifestyle social site.

So go to a swingers club, resort, or cruise and have some fun. Don't worry swingers don't bite and if you are still worried always refer back to #1. 


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