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15 Effortlessly Sexy Role Playing Ideas for the Shy

If you're less than eager to throw on a racy role playing outfit due to your overwhelming shyness, why not try on some of these ideas for a sexy night?
Some people aren't exactly excited at the idea of getting all dressed up and pretending to be someone else. But on the other hand, they really want to make those fantasies come alive for their partner despite their impending shyness.

For those of you who are too shy to jump in and get started on the raciest, sexiest roles to play in the bedroom, we've got something just for you. Just because you're typically a shy person doesn't mean you can't make your partner's wildest dreams come true in the bedroom.

The appeal of role-playing
People role play for a lot of different reasons. Sometimes, they get turned on by letting themselves go and being someone else. Other times, it's their partner who gets off on the idea of there being some awesome, otherworldly person.
No matter the reason, people who are shy often have a hard time coming out of their shell and transforming into someone else. They get nervous and may feel dumb, and sometimes, that's all it takes to turn them off of the entire idea. But even if you're a beginner when it comes to role-playing, following these tips can help you ease into the experience and even enjoy yourself!

The best way for shy people to role play
Shyness be damned! Just because you might prefer to hide in the background and let someone else take the lead when it comes to the bedroom doesn't mean you can't do some role-playing. Here are all the best role-playing options for all you shy folk out there.

Tips for letting go when role-playing
Before we hop right into the nitty-gritty of it all, there are a few steps you can take before flipping that switch and really getting into character. These will help ease the nervousness that can be associated with role-playing.

#1 Find a way to relax. Anyway you can relax will make things a lot better. People who are shy have a tendency to get worked up over this type of thing, but it's important to remain calm. Take a few deep breaths, get in the zone, and go for it!

#2 Remember that it's your PARTNER. People who are shy often fear judgment. However, with this type of activity, you're with your significant other—your partner. They aren't there to judge you, and will only be happy you're doing this for them. You can even let them know how you're feeling and help them help you open up in the bedroom.

#3 Realize how HOT you are. You are a sexy piece! Appreciate your hotness and use that confidence to help you through the role-playing. You can't possibly be too shy to realize that you're ridiculously attractive and that your lover is going to appreciate that hotness, too.

#4 Take a shot *or two*. Some liquid courage never really hurts prior to some awesome role-playing. Just make sure to limit yourself so you don't take it too far. Too much alcohol may make you too unstable for the big event.

#5 Have fun with it! Don't take it too seriously. It's just a fun way to spice up your sex life and it's supposed to be fun. So just sit back and have some fun with it and you'll realize that it's really not so bad at all!

Let the role-playing commence!
Now that you're all relaxed and ready to go, here are some great ideas that a shy person can totally bring to life while role-playing.

#1 Scandalous lingerie. The first and easiest role-playing option is just getting some really scandalous, "out there" lingerie and transforming yourself into your alter ego. What a lot of people don't realize is that lingerie can do wonders when it comes to giving yourself a whole new persona.

#2 A shy character. What's easier for a shy person to play than a shy person! You can act like an innocent, shy person and your partner will love it. Putting on a new shy act will allow you to be somewhat yourself, but also take a step over the edge and introduce you to some saucy role-playing.

#3 Submissive. Shy people are probably the best at playing a submissive! So let your shyness remain there and have your partner tell you exactly what to do. You won't have to act too out-of-the-box with this role-playing idea, but you're still playing along enough to satiate your partner's desires.

#4 Act like complete strangers. This is one of my personal favorites. Arrive at a bar together, but then go in separately. Exchange some glances from across the bar, then walk up and introduce yourself to each other, acting as if you've never even met before.
Not only does this lead to some amazing "first-time" sex, but it also lets you decide who you are for the night. You can act like a completely different *not shy* person all night.

#5 Be a masseuse. This is an easy one for you shy people out there. All you have to do is rub your partner down with some oil and pretend you're in a spa setting. One thing will lead to another and pretty soon, it'll be the "happy ending" massage they've always wanted. And better still, it wasn't even very traumatizing for you.

#6 Royalty and servant. If you're just starting out and are still a bit on the shy side, you should play the servant and let your partner take the lead. This is great because servants only speak when asked to and only do what their royal master says to do.
If you want to take it a step further, you try being the royal one and have your partner be the servant. You can get out of your comfort zone by telling them what to do for a change.

#7 Naughty nurse. Yes, I know this one is a bit cliché and you see it everywhere, but that's why it's perfect. Because it's so common and used so much, it will make you feel less like you're role-playing and more like you're just having a good time.
You're so familiar with this concept that it won't seem as scary and intimidating as some of the other role play ideas you hear about.

#8 Sexy chef. This one can be especially fun because you get to eat a fantastic dinner beforehand, then use props in your "dessert" course. Put on the whole chef outfit, make up a fantastic dinner, and save dessert for last. Using some chocolate syrup and whipped cream during the main event will only add to the excitement.

#9 Professor and student. YOU be the professor. By acting as an authority figure, it gives you the right to take charge and get out of your shy shell. However, if you're still a little timid, you can alter the experience to have the student approach the professor and take more of a backseat role.

#10 Mistress/Mister. Pretend to be your partner's mistress or mister. Turn on a completely different side of you and be a pushy lover that your partner must sleep with or you'll tell their spouse. This is much easier for shy people because there are no costumes involved at all. They just have to put on a different persona. Of course, your honey could even amp up the suspense by choosing some perfect lingerie for you.

The best thing about role playing is that the more you do it, the more comfortable it will be. So start with these easy role playing ideas for you shy folk, then move into some sexier ideas in the future!

Source: lovepanky.com/By BELLA POPE

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