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6 Signs That You Are Having Great Sex

What makes sex great? Well, that can be a bit different for everyone. One person's "Yum!" can be another person's "Yuck!" However, there are things that definitely mean you are having great sex. I've put together this list of 6 sure fire signs that the sex you are having is off the charts.

Sign #1 - You Can Ask for What You Want
Sometimes you just know that something will feel good in the sack. Do you feel like you could tell your partner about it? Are you afraid of hurting their feelings if you mention that you want them to do something different? The ability to ask for what you want and openly say what you need is one of the keys to great sex. Your partner must be willing to listen. If you are with a partner that you can be honest with about your sexual needs without them seeing it as an attack on their sexual skills, then the odds are that you're having good sex.

Sign #2 - You Can Say No to Stuff You Don't Want
Sometimes our partners are into stuff that we don't enjoy. Sometimes we aren't in the mood for certain things. Sometimes our arms fall asleep and we really don't want to be that position anymore even if it's working for our partner. Do you feel like you can say "no" to stuff that you aren't into without your partner becoming all sulky and grumpy? Better yet: if you say "no" to something, will your partner will say, "That's cool. What's next?" If your "no" is always heard and respected, you're probably having some pretty awesome sex.

Sign #3 - You Want to Try New Things
You've seen it before with hobbies or new skills. You start having fun with it. Then, you start thinking, "I wonder what else I could do with this." (See: anyone who has ever started brewing beer at home.) The same thing happens with sex. When you really begin to enjoy yourself, you start to get ideas. You start to wonder, "What if we did this?" Before you know it, you have a whole to-do list of things that you want to try with your partner. If you find yourself making sex plans, you're having badass sex.

Sign #4 - You Are Developing Favorites
Sure, you want to try new stuff, but there's also that thing or even those couple of things that always feel so good! You may start the night meaning to try out all the new stuff, but one thing leads to another. Before you know it, everyone is all sweaty and orgasm-drunk because you just couldn't resist that thing you know always feels amazing. When you find that you have favorites that you keep coming back to, that's a sure sign that you are having amazing sex.

Sign #5 - Your Eye Isn't on the Prize
Sometimes everyone has an orgasm. Sometimes no one has an orgasm. Sometimes only one of you has an orgasm. Here's a secret for you. Great sex isn't just about the orgasm! You're enjoying yourselves and making each other feel good in so many other ways! If orgasms don't happen, it's not a big deal. You aren't having sex to just get to an orgasm. You are having sex for the sake of having sex; because sex is awesome! When your sex is about the journey and not the just the destination, you are having fabulous sex.

Sign #6 - You Reminisce
Do you remember the sexual experience you had with your partner days or even weeks later? Do you and your partner find yourselves saying, "Hey, remember the time we..." on a regular basis? If you love the sex you're having so much that you find yourself reminiscing about it, then it is pretty clear you are having really great sex. 

SOURCE: Kinkly.com/JoEllen Notte

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