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8 Sex Tips Straight Guys Can Learn From Lesbians

According to a recent study, lesbians have more orgasms than straight women. So I think we can safely assume straight guys could stand to learn something about pleasing women from their lady-loving counterparts. Cosmopolitan.com gathered some sex tips from lesbians to send to your boyfriend for all the orgasms.

1. Get out of bed already. Chairs, kitchen counters, and cars are great places to have sex and, with the exception of the car, they're not that far from the bed anyway. It sounds simple, but a lot of people don't get out of bed often enough, so make the effort to change that. —Tonya, 44

2. Make a sexy Spotify playlist for you two. My girlfriend and I love putting on a Spotify playlist that has sexy music on it or even making our own together. It really helps to set the perfect mood for both of us. —Lori, 30

3. Pay more attention to everything she's not telling you. You should always ask for consent of course, but if you really pay attention to a woman's nonverbal cues, she'll tell you exactly what she wants without saying a word. If you observe how she carries herself, what her body language is like, and how she's interacting with you, you'll be able to tell if she wants you to fuck her, have sex with her, or make love to her. This is really important because the sex won't be as good if you're not giving her what she really wanted. Plus, she'll be really impressed that you were able to figure out what she wanted sexually without her having to tell you. —Nic, 36

4. Ask her what she actually likes. Yes, a lot of women would prefer for you to know what they like, but if you don't, they'll be just as happy to get specific about what they do like and how they like it. Asking her to be specific is always better than having you try to figure it out and fail and then no one's happy. —Nicole, 24

5. Ask if you can watch her touch herself. This is a great way to learn what a woman likes because she's actually showing you (and it's sexy as hell because it's so intimate and personal). —Nicole

6. Her clit is not her only erogenous zone. A lot of people get stuck in the "lick and stick" routine, but a woman's body has so many other erogenous zones, so exploring those and moving beyond your same old crap moves (even if they work really well) will bring you to the next level. —Tonya

7. Ask for what you want. While it's great to ask her what she wants, it's just as important for you to be specific about what you like so she can help you in that department. Plus, you're more likely to have great sex if you're both getting exactly what you want because you talked about it with each other first. —Tonya

8. Don't put pressure on yourselves to have sex at a certain time. If you haven't had sex for a while, you might feel like you need to have sex soon or else, which doesn't really lend itself to great sex. Allowing yourselves to become intimate whenever you're in the mood again will actually increase the likelihood of you getting in the mood more often. So relaaaaax.--Lori

SOURCE: comsmopolitan.com/Lane Moore
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