OK I am NOT THE AUTHOR, I am the "find great articles for our group guy" I always post the source at the bottom of every blog. I may also add my commentary, a joke or a story. These are all my opinions and observations and do not reflect the opinions or standards of Dream Pleasure Tours. I have been in the lifestyle and the lifestyle industry for over 20 years, I have been to Hedonism over 40 times, Desire more than a dozen, 14 lifestyle cruises, over 80 lifestyle conventions, so if you have any questions just ask. I am a travel agent, stand up comedian, event coordinator, and an accomplished beer drinker. You may have seen my shows I am the "you might be a swinger " guy and all my material comes from my observations on swingers.
Casual Sex at Our Age?
How to Train a Hotwife
The Science of Exhibitionism
Hand Jobs for Grown Ups
Sex in Your Forties: Own It
How I Became a Swinger
Am I Addicted to Sex?
In Defense of Pubic Hair
Group Sex Etiquette 101
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