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Never do anything you will have to explain to a Paramedic!

Firefighters free tourist's penis trapped in sex toy To finish the operation it was necessary to administer a total anestheticIBIZA, Spain — Medics in Ibiza were forced to enlist the help of buzz-saw-wielding fire-fighters on Wednesday to free a German tourist from the clutches of a steel sex toy.Emergency services needed two hours to cut through the metal ring, described as a type of "armor plating", into which the man had placed his penis and testicles.

The firemen on hand needed two changes of battery and a second rotating blade for their buzz saw to free the man, local daily Diario de Mallorca reported on Friday. There were "plenty of sparks" during the operation to remove the sex toy which measured 15cm in diameter.

Firefighters help man remove penis from toaster
LONDON — Firefighters came to the rescue of a man in distress when he got his penis stuck in a toaster.
It is unclear exactly what the humiliated gentleman had been up to, but fortunately, London's finest arrived to extricate his manhood from the electrical device.
Unbelievably, another adventurer rivaled his ridiculous antics by somehow getting his member lodged in a vacuum cleaner. And the ultra-professional London Fire Brigade staff have had to free 79 people from handcuffs in the last three years alone. These embarrassing incidents are just some of 1,300 involving people being trapped or stuck which have been attended by London Fire Brigade since 2010.

Aussie firefighters free man's penis from wrenchFirefighters used an angle grinder to cut the wrench from around the man's genital
TWEEDS HEAD, Australia — A man who got his penis stuck in a box wrench thought the swelling would subside enough for him to free himself. It didn't.
The Gold Coast Bulletin reported that firefighters were called to the hospital to remove the wrench from the man's penis.
"We use a tiny angle grinder that's air operated and used a measuring tape to protect the skin and slowly zip away at it while keeping water running on it so it doesn't get too hot," firefighter Peter Sutherland said. "It's a pretty delicate operation especially where it is, there's a lot of blood vessels."
People try other methods and leave it on too long before calling the fire department, he said, probably out of embarrassment.
"The blood goes into the appendage ... It just swells up and by the time you realize, it's too late," he said. "We do quite a few of them."
No word on why the man put his penis in the wrench in the first place or his condition after the wrench's removal.


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