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Oral Advice For Straight Women From Gay Men

Everyone carries with them their own unique advantages. For the gay community, their advantage is undoubtedly mastering oral sex. Not only are they on the receiving end, they're on the giving end. Straight women, on the other hand, no matter how much they might perform the act, will never compare to a gay man. It's not because one gender is better than the other, it's just that gay man have personal experience on both sides. That, however, is pointless. The gay community is chiming in on oral, and it's here to lend a hand. Keep reading to get the oral advice you may never have thought would be so helpful. You're welcome in advance.

Don't be shy. If you've gotten as far as the sword beneath the sheathe, then there's absolutely nothing to feel awkward, shy or nervous about. Embrace the moment. You're pleasing your guy. There's nothing wrong with making him feel like the king of the world.

Grab the shaft. Oral isn't just about working your mouth. Grab hold of your man's shaft and stroke it while you blow. It's like giving him two for the price of one. But don't worry, even though this is technically giving yourself two "jobs" to do, it's hardly going to feel like work — or at least it doesn't have to.

Different strokes for different folks. Up and down. How boring. First, lubricate. If you're going to be involving your mouth, avoid lotion and lube. Use your spit. Then, when you grab hold of his situation, try out some different motions. The "carousel swirly motion," most of all, does wonders. If you're not sure how to pull that off, just imagine your hand moving horizontally like a carousel and vertically like a swirl at the same time. It basically does the job for you.

Work the tongue. Your tongue is a magician, so much so that it may as well have graduated from Hogwarts. So harness its skills. Work that wand. The tongue is the strongest muscle in the human body, and now is your time to prove its worth.

Careful with those balls. Don't let those two hanging fruits scare you (they're more afraid of you than you are of them). That's because they couldn't possibly be any more sensitive than they already are. So, while making them feel amazing will hardly take any more than a simple tongue or finger graze, any more pressure could make him feel as though you used his balls as punching bags.

Be careful around the tip. As much as the tip of his penis might look like it's a helmet, it's not. In fact, it's quite the opposite. When you're tonguing the tip, do it carefully. The nerve endings there aren't kidding around, and one wrong tap can send him over the edge (but not in a good way).

Lick everywhere. Oral isn't just reserved for his genitals. His nerves below the belt extend well beyond them their limited proximity. So explore. Embrace the full package.

Don't rush him. This is a moment to savor (for him, at the very least). When you try rushing yourself, he's going to notice. Not only will this take him out of the mood, it might even make it harder for him to finish, regardless. It's a catch-22 — but an avoidable one.

Moan. This isn't going to apply to all men, but the courtesy is appreciated. Sex is all about passion, and passion is culled from confidence. When you moan, you're vocally letting him know how much you want — nay, need — him, especially since it's going to be slightly difficult to form any words.

Focus on the frenulum. Every man has his one spot that always gets him going, but it's nearly guaranteed that the spot on the opposite side of his "head" is going to appreciate any focus dished its way. Even the simplest brush from the tip of your tongue can bring him closer to explosion.

Be the ball(s). As long as you're careful, don't avoid his balls. With a well-placed hand on his staff and a gentle tongue on his balls, you may as well invite him personally to the ultimate oral utopia. You're covering all the grounds, and doubling his treat, so to speak. Don't leave his buddies by the wayside.

Calm down after he finishes. When your man reaches climax, his nerve endings are firing off like sex firecrackers. This means that he's going to be sensitive. Too sensitive even. Bordering on the verge of uncomfortable. So, especially if you had your mouth wrapped around a particular area while he finished, try to avoid the sensitive spots. Hold it, sure, but do little more. At least until his business returns to normal (which shouldn't take too long).

Grab those thighs. When you're going down on him, get involved. His thighs, believe it or not, are actually incredibly sensitive, and they will never say no to loving. Rub them. Squeeze them. Kiss them. It doesn't only feel good for him, it makes it seem as though you are fully invested in the moment.

Deep throat. If you simply can't, don't sweat it. This isn't going to make or break anything. But if you can knock back a full salami, do it. A blowjob can become common, but when it's pushed to its literal extent, the thrill returns. This is also a great way to tongue his balls while you suck — which he will love you for.

Put on porn. Even if you're not crazy about porn, chances are your man probably is. Porn isn't just fun to watch, it will actually help him fire off his final shots. If oral is the main course, then porn is the seasoning. Bam!


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