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Oral Advice For Straight Women From Gay Men

Everyone carries with them their own unique advantages. For the gay community, their advantage is undoubtedly mastering oral sex. Not only are they on the receiving end, they're on the giving end. Straight women, on the other hand, no matter how much they might perform the act, will never compare to a gay man. It's not because one gender is better ...
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What Is Tea Bagging? Your Steamy Guide to Tea Bag Your Guy Right

What is tea-bagging? If you think about what tea bag you want in your mug, you're a little off with what is tea bagging exactly. I mean, you're close… okay, you're not. I mean, unless you try tea bagging and are completely turned off, the next time you drink tea, you'll have a little smirk on your face as you drop your tea bag into its cup because ...
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