So, you finally realized everything you knew about being a swinger was a complete lie. You're welcome. And maybe after reading that story, you and your partner were like: "Well, since it's not all old people with robes, watching you with somebody else might be kind of exciting..." Or maybe not. But either way, if you're even remotely considering ge...
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8 Very Necessary Sex Tips From Sex Workers

1. You can never have enough lube . "There's this myth that lube is some kind of crutch to lean on; that if you need it during sex, you're not doing it right. That's totally false. Everyone can benefit from lube. It reduces friction during sex, and while some friction can be pleasurable, too much can lead to the equivalent of rug burn inside your b...
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What It's Really Like Inside a Party for Swingers (and Other Tales From People in Open Relationships)

No matter what you call it — an open relationship, swinging, polyamory — one thing is definitely certain: Non-monogamous relationships are a very complex subject and no two couples are the same. But regardless of the specifics of the arrangement, communication and consent are vital, and it's important to discuss your limits , and to know your partn...
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Bedroom Negotiation: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

When I first sat down with him, it was quite possibly the most nervous I had ever been upon entering a scene. I thought I was over-reacting at first; this guy only wanted me to spank him, right? However, It would be my first time dominating anyone. What I learned is that you can never be too careful when you're working with someone. You should alwa...
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