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The Right - and Wrong - Way to Have a Threesome

I had a date with a couple recently and I couldn't resist the irony; I wore my mirrored unicorn broach. For those who don't know, a unicorn is the slang term for a single bisexual woman. There are a few different definitions floating around, but that's the gist. And although I'm not single; I'm poly, so that's close enough to fit the bill. (Get to ...
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How to Start Swinging with your Partner

Interested in knowing more about swinging and the swingers lifestyle? Find out about the different types of couple swinging and everything else that you should know about how to start swinging with your partner. Do couples actually swing in real life? Why do couples swing in the first place? As complex as our anatomical set up and mind, our nature,...
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10 Kinks Adventurous Couples Have to Try at Least Once

A healthy physical relationship is an important part of any couple's life. But even the most loving couple needs to spice things up occasionally. It may be the case that you're one of those couples for whom every aspect of the relationship has always been perfect. You get along well, you have similar likes and dislikes, and your interaction in the ...
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