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Threesome Expert And Adult Film Star Explain The Basics Of Having A Threesome Yourself (NSFW)

If you ask most people what their number one sexual fantasy is, chances are they'll say a threesome. Very few people in this world have actually turned down the opportunity to have a threesome, but once they get down to business, they might be surprised to find out there are some rules that come with having threesomes. Here, threesome expert and ad...
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Signs You're A Couple That's Ready For A Threesome

Threesomes are one of those sex acts that are either a great idea or a horrible idea depending on the couple. If you have a threesome before you're ready, you will probably have to deal with a lot of relationship problems that wouldn't have existed if you just stayed as a dynamic duo. On the other hand, threesomes are incredibly hot when you're rea...
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15 Things No One Tells You About Having a Threesome

People who have had threesomes love to brag about it more than any other sexual experience. Having more than one partner at a time – especially when they're both pleasing you – is one of the ultimate taboos. But, what's the reality behind this fantasy? I can happily say I've kicked it off my bucket list, and can give you some tips to make sure your...
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