3 Ways to Get Kinky When Vanilla Life Intervenes

We all have a million and one other obligations - kids, parents, work, binge-watching Netflix - and they often interfere with our sex lives. Once you discover your kinks – and the fun you can have with them - sometimes you crave a little carnal fun. More sex, please! But real life sometimes seems intent on stopping your kinky fun. What can you do a...
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Six Bad-Boy Sex Tricks You Need to Have in Your Arsenal

Are you looking to be a bad boy in the bedroom but aren't sure how? Trying out these sex tricks is a surefire way to keep her coming back for more! Have you ever heard about men having "moves" in the sack? For a lot of people, this term can get a little confusing. After all, what possible moves could you have besides "penis goes in vagina," or "m...
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