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From Hedonism to KinkBNB, Sex-Themed Vacations Are Going Mainstream (NSFW)

Aside from an occasional towel, you'll be hard pressed to find a stitch of fabric on the hundreds of people lounging in and by the pool at this Jamaican resort. For the most part, people congregate in groups in the water or the swim-up bar, chit-chatting and swapping stories as any vacationers might, though perhaps with a bit more revelry and boist...
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Intro to Threesomes: two gals and a guy (NSFW)

Ask any guy you know what their sexual fantasy is and I guarantee it's threesomes with two women because obviously what's better than having sex with a woman? Having sex with two women at the same time! This task, however, is a tad more difficult to accomplish than men believe. First of all, where do you find a third? Couples who desire to have a t...
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How to Take Nude Pictures of your Lover

Want to know how to take nude pictures of your girlfriend or boyfriend? Here's everything you need to know while snapping your lover in the nude. So what are the things you should know? There are a few fine-print essentials that you ought to know and grasp before snapping in the birthday suit.Snapping pictures isn't really as simple as it seems.May...
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