Study Reveals How Men Really Feel About Their Genitals

Let's be real for a minute. Many men love talking about their penises. How big they are, how well they perform ... and how much bigger they are than their buddies'. Why all the obsession with the beef stick? It's probably as simple as the fact that it's not as elusive as the lady bits are, which makes it easier to measure and compare. And compare t...
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Perfect Cock: A Woman's Opinion on How Your Equipment Measures Up

Most guys want to know how to have the perfect cock that all the ladies love. The truth is that there are a lot of things to consider.When it comes to the perfect cock, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Firstly, women aren't all the same. We like different things. And that means what makes a great piece of equipment for one woma...
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What Is Jelqing, and Does It Make Your Penis Grow?

Interested in a new and wacky theory on how to make your penis bigger? It's called jelqing. What is jelqing? Keep reading to find out. There's a new addition to the "natural penis growth" family, and it's called jelqing. There are about a million ways circulating the internet to make your penis grow larger, and the newest sensation to hit men's bat...
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