Screw Orgasm Shame — You Don't Need to Have Orgasms to Have Good Sex

Screw Orgasm Shame — You Don't Need to Have Orgasms to Have Good Sex Please, for the love of pleasure everywhere, stop faking orgasms to spare a partners' feelings. Do you really have to orgasm every time you have sex? For the record, while sexual culture overwhelming focuses on penis-in-vagina (PIV) intercourse, there's a whole world of pleasure t...
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Spanking Women: How and When to Spank a Bad, Bad Girl

Instead of winding up, going in for the spanking, and risking a woman being mad at you, follow these tips on how and when to spank the right way. Spanking during sex is a huge turn on – especially for women. It's also just a natural act that men tend to do when they've got their woman from behind. It's exciting, fun, primal, and really increases an...
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Intro to Threesomes: two gals and a guy (NSFW)

Ask any guy you know what their sexual fantasy is and I guarantee it's threesomes with two women because obviously what's better than having sex with a woman? Having sex with two women at the same time! This task, however, is a tad more difficult to accomplish than men believe. First of all, where do you find a third? Couples who desire to have a t...
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Six Sex Positions for Men Who Are Overweight

Six Sex Positions for Men Who Are Overweight Guys -- if you're on the heavy side, it doesn't mean you can't have good sex. We know that it can get a little tricky. Depending on your size and the size of your partner, there can be some logistics to work out. With the right positions and possibly a purchase or two, you can get back to having the kind...
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