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All You've Wanted to Know About Muffing

In 2010, Mira Bellwether wrote "Fucking Trans Women," the first piece of its kind that outlined the sex lives of trans women as an educational and instructional piece of text. In the zine, Bellwether discusses "muffing," a term that describes the act of pushing the testicle back inside of a male-bodied person's inguinal canal or penetrating the ing...
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Oral Advice For Straight Women From Gay Men

Everyone carries with them their own unique advantages. For the gay community, their advantage is undoubtedly mastering oral sex. Not only are they on the receiving end, they're on the giving end. Straight women, on the other hand, no matter how much they might perform the act, will never compare to a gay man. It's not because one gender is better ...
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10 Things You Didn't Know About Foreplay

If there's any aspect of sex that's misunderstood, debated about and often under-appreciated, it's foreplay. But while many people think of foreplay as preamble, a required formality you have to go through before getting to the good stuff, it is great foreplay that sets the stage for great sex. Think of it like kicking off a meal at a fancy restaur...
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8 Sex Tips Straight Guys Can Learn From Lesbians

According to a recent study, lesbians have more orgasms than straight women. So I think we can safely assume straight guys could stand to learn something about pleasing women from their lady-loving counterparts. Cosmopolitan.com gathered some sex tips from lesbians to send to your boyfriend for all the orgasms. 1. Get out of bed already. Chairs, ki...
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Sex Experts Share Their Top Sex Resolutions for 2018

As 2018 fast approaches, it's impossible to avoid the mandatory talk of resolutions. Sure, the new year marks a time for new beginnings, but the "fix it" mentality can seem ... kind of overwhelming, am I right? This is especially true for people like me who don't like a lot of rules. While there's an obvious upside to making healthier choices (thin...
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8 Very Necessary Sex Tips From Sex Workers

1. You can never have enough lube . "There's this myth that lube is some kind of crutch to lean on; that if you need it during sex, you're not doing it right. That's totally false. Everyone can benefit from lube. It reduces friction during sex, and while some friction can be pleasurable, too much can lead to the equivalent of rug burn inside your b...
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What do Guys Like in Bed? How to Please Your Man the Way He Wants

Knowing how to make a guy happy in bed is important. As a couple, you want to be sure you're pleasing each other right. So what do guys like in bed? You should always be striving to please your man sexually just as he should be doing the same for you. But sometimes that's not easy. This is especially true if he's not really the talkative time. It'l...
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Truth: There's No Such Thing as a Slut

In this day and age, it amazes me that women are still shamed for being sexual beings. Um, hello?! We're human! We have desires and fantasies and needs, damn it, just like men! So how is it that we're living in a society where women have fought for the right to vote, for equality in the workplace, and for the freedom of choice when it comes to our ...
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8 Amazing Facts About Sex Toys You Can Whip Out at Your Next Dinner Party

Facts about sex toys...well, here's one for you: The sex toy industry is worth about $15 billion per year worldwide. That's a lot of dildos, people. But while statistics show that more than half of Americans have used a sex toy and you can now find them in many drugstores, pleasure products still aren't quite mainstream. Depending on your audience,...
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4 Reasons Why You Have Better Sex Than Your Grandparents

I consider myself very lucky. At the other end of a phone line, whenever I want or need, is my Grandmother; all 95 years and counting of her. Full of spunk and sass, she's the type that will help wheel people 20 years younger than her down to the dinner hall of their home and, if the need arises, she'll have also shucked the corn they have for dinn...
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Sex in Your Forties: Own It

I can vividly remember a conversation with a girlfriend of mine when I lived in California. Back then, she was approaching 40, while I was 35 and a stay-at-home mom with two small children under two years old. This friend told me that she and her husband were trying to have sex 100 days in a row. My first thought: That's not possible! My second tho...
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Bedroom Negotiation: 3 Things to Keep in Mind

When I first sat down with him, it was quite possibly the most nervous I had ever been upon entering a scene. I thought I was over-reacting at first; this guy only wanted me to spank him, right? However, It would be my first time dominating anyone. What I learned is that you can never be too careful when you're working with someone. You should alwa...
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Asking for It: 7 Tips to Getting the Sex Life You Always Wanted

There are loads of statistics about how women tend not to ask for what they want and need. Not in academic settings, not in the boardroom and, although no one's talking about it, we know this one applies in the bedroom too. Actually, to be fair, research suggests that the vast majority of people undercommunicate when it comes to sex, even in long-t...
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7 Things Sex-Positive People Know (and How to Learn Them)

You've probably heard the term sex positive, but do you know what it means? In recent years, it has shifted from its feminist roots and has been used to refer to people who enjoy sex and are open to all forms of sexual expression. But, as with many aspects of sex and sexuality, it's actually a lot more complicated than that. Sure, embracing your (a...
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How to Choose a Sex Toy Gift for That Super Special Someone

  Sex toys may not be the perfect gift for everyone on your list, but wouldn't it be awesome if they were? I mean, when you think of all the junk that circulates and is re-gifted ( ohhhh … thanks for … this) every year, wouldn't it be awesome if we lived in a world where we could all hand out amazing orgasms to everyone we loved like holiday c...
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Why Even Straight People Should Explore Their Sexuality

One typical way of fighting heteronormativity is to answer the question "When did you decide you were gay/lesbian/bisexual?" with "When did you decide you were straight?" It turns the question on its head and gives the straight person a new perspective from which to evaluate their sexual identity. However, the fact that a straight identity is most ...
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Sex After 50: It's Time to Change Things Up

Several months ago I decided, at the is-it-too-late age of 61, to step away from the idea of finding that one perfect mate who could satisfy all my dreams, give me everything I needed, and be by my side for the rest of time. In other words, I've abandoned the fairy tale and am opting for honest and open relationships. I'm having a blast. I'm dating...
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What I Learned from My Mom's Negative View of Sex

Adolescence is a traditionally tricky minefield to navigate for parents. Having "the talk" is the easy part compared to watching your precious little baby blossom into a sexually active teenager. There is no absolute right way to discuss sex, but there are a whole slew of wrong ways that can damage a young person's ability to grow into a sexually h...
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8 Amazing Facts About Sex Toys You Can Whip Out at Your Next Dinner Party

Facts about sex toys...well, here's one for you: The sex toy industry is worth about $15 billion per year worldwide. That's a lot of dildos, people.  But while statistics show that more than half of Americans have used a sex toy and you can now find them in many drugstores, pleasure products still aren't quite mainstream. Depending on your aud...
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The 6 Things in Hotel Rooms That Make Sex HOT

For the last two years I've been involved in a long distance relationship that has involved some fabulous sex. There are a whole lot of things about this relationship that contribute to the sex being fabulous. My partner is wonderful, we're both super-communicative, between us we own the equivalent of a small sex toy shop and we aren't afraid to tr...
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Not Really My Thing: When Your Partner Reveals Kinks You Don't Share

Takeaway: You don't have to love your partner's kinks - or even participate in them. You do, however, have to be fair and respectful. "You know what I'm into?" your partner asks. "No, what?" you say, excited at the sexy possibilities. But then they say something you are so not into, and all that excitement drains away. It can be a very anxiety-prov...
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6 Ways to Feel Better about Your Body in Bed

People often assume that sex writers have the sexual confidence thing nailed. Nope. We're human too - we do not get our sexual superhero mask, cape, and super powers when we start writing. Case in point: Over the last year, I have been struggling with some health issues that have resulted in my body looking very, very different than it did before. ...
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4 Reasons Why You Might Want to Try a Prostate Massage

The so-called male G-spot is allegedly the source of mind-blowing orgasms — but are they good for your health as well? The prostate is a mysterious and oft-misunderstood organ. A walnut-size gland found between a man's bladder and his rectum, the prostate's main function is to produce fluid that is expelled as part of semen during ejaculation; it's...
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This Guy Got an Actual PhD in Threesomes. Here Are 5 Things He Learned

Men are becoming more open to threesomes with a woman and another guy British sociologist Ryan Scoats is bringing new meaning to the old saying "choose a job you love." Scoats, who currently works as a researcher at Birmingham City University, found both academic and internet stardom when it came to light that he gained his PhD from the University ...
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Zodiacs Ranked By How Talented They Are When It Comes To Sexting

1. Aquarius Every Aquarius has what it takes to write erotica. Since they are artists at heart, they are able to come up with creative scenarios and write detailed scenes. They won't text you something simple like, "I'm horny." They will weave an entire story meant to turn you on. They will make you feel like you're really in bed with them. 2. Arie...
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Sexual Positions to Impress Your Man: 10 Moves to Rock His World

Whether your sex life is lackluster or you need a change of pace, wow your guy in the sack with these 10 awesome  sexual positions to impress your man. When it comes to sex it's all about variety, comfort, experimenting, and fun. It's so easy in any relationship to f all into a bit of a pattern. If you both have busy lives outside the bedroom ...
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Want to Sit on My Face? 6 Reasons She Might Say No

Asking a girl, "Want to sit on my face?" may not be the best way to ask her to engage in some sexy time. Here are 6  reasons why she might turn it down. Do you find yourself repeatedly asking your girl if she wants to have some sexy sitting time on your face, only to be met with bored or embarrassed nos? Reasonably, this may leave you beyond p...
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How to Lick Pussy: 14 Flicks & Moves to Make Her Squirm for More

Many men think they can lick a pussy, but there's a difference between thinking you can do it and actually knowing how to lick pussy. So many women have encountered a guy that says he's the best pussy eater but when it comes down to it, it's a nightmare. Jackhammering our pussies with your tongue isn't going to do the job. I know she's probably moa...
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Magic Fingers: The Sexual Art of Using Your Fingers

Giving an orgasm with one's fingers may seem like the easiest way to get someone off, but there's more to it than pushing someone's button, literally. At this point, everybody is probably aware that the concept of sex – not the just act itself – is not limited to just putting certain body parts in a hole and wishing for a climax. No. Sex has numero...
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Blow Job Queen: 13 Titillating Moves to Give the Best Head Ever

When you were younger, your dream was to be a beautiful princess. Yeah, well, that dream is dead, now you want to be a blow job queen. Want to be known as the blow job queen? People think giving a blowjob is just as easy as sticking a penis in your mouth and giving it an oral rub down. Which, don't get me wrong, that's basically what it is, but the...
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Top 50 Kinky Ideas for a Sexy Relationship

Looking for ways to kink up your love with a few naughty tricks? Here's 50 of the sexiest kinky ideas and kinky-er ideas for a sexy relationship. Lust is fickle. You could enjoy the best sex of your life this month.And the very next month, you may find yourself bored with the to and fro motion. Sex is always exciting and frisky at the start of a ne...
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15 Effortlessly Sexy Role Playing Ideas for the Shy

If you're less than eager to throw on a racy role playing outfit due to your overwhelming shyness, why not try on some of these ideas for a sexy night? Some people aren't exactly excited at the idea of getting all dressed up and pretending to be someone else. But on the other hand, they really want to make those fantasies come alive for their partn...
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Naughty Women: 15 Sexy Ways to Coax the Naughty Out in Any Girl

There's this misconception that you have two types of women: good and naughty. Both live inside one woman.  Encourage the naughty women from hiding. I always hear men saying, "I want a good girl, not a slut." I don't even know what that means. So, you want someone  who's a good person but doesn't enjoy sex? I'm confused, I thought, men wo...
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The Right - and Wrong - Way to Have a Threesome

I had a date with a couple recently and I couldn't resist the irony; I wore my mirrored unicorn broach. For those who don't know, a unicorn is the slang term for a single bisexual woman. There are a few different definitions floating around, but that's the gist. And although I'm not single; I'm poly, so that's close enough to fit the bill. (Get to ...
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Intro to Threesomes: two gals and a guy (NSFW)

Ask any guy you know what their sexual fantasy is and I guarantee it's threesomes with two women because obviously what's better than having sex with a woman? Having sex with two women at the same time! This task, however, is a tad more difficult to accomplish than men believe. First of all, where do you find a third? Couples who desire to have a t...
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10 Kinks Adventurous Couples Have to Try at Least Once

A healthy physical relationship is an important part of any couple's life. But even the most loving couple needs to spice things up occasionally. It may be the case that you're one of those couples for whom every aspect of the relationship has always been perfect. You get along well, you have similar likes and dislikes, and your interaction in the ...
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8 Ways You're Sabotaging Your Sex Life

It's not easy to have great sex, but it's even harder if you're doing these things. Yes, it's possible you're kind of ruining your own sex life, but the good news is there may be an easy fix. Cosmopolitan.com spoke with Madeleine Castellanos M.D., author of Wanting to Want: What Kills Your Sex Life and How to Keep It Alive, to help you figure out y...
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Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High

  Cuckolding Relationships Have Reached A Record High Every sexual relationship is different. However, some sexual fetishes are very different, and this is one of them. It turns out relationships that experiment with cuckolding are very much on the rise, and psychologists can't quite figure out why. Theories abound everywhere, but the men and ...
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26 Seriously Sexy Things She Wants You To Do While You’re Inside Of Her

​   26 Seriously Sexy Things She Wants You To Do While You're Inside Of Her  ​ 1. Say her name. She wants to know that your focus is on her and only her. That you're not fantasizing about the girl next door or some big-breasted porn star. So say her name. Again and again and again. 2. Rub her clit. Most women can't come from penetration a...
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26 Seriously Sexy Things He Wants You To Do While Riding Him

  26 Seriously Sexy Things He Wants You To Do While Riding Him 1. Grab his wrists to pin him down, so he can't do anything but lie there and enjoy the view. He'll instantly get turned on by being controlled, especially if you're usually the submissive one. 2. Rest your hands on his chest. It'll make it easier for you to keep your balance, and ...
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How to Give Her a Massage That Will Leave Her Begging For More

  How to Give Her a Massage That Will Leave Her Begging For More  Your 4-step guide to rubbing her the extremely right way When you give your better half a rubdown, go slow. That's the massage message from Susan Findlay, director of the North London School of Sports Massage."Use the heel of your hand to make continuous fluid movements and...
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