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The 13 Most Irritating Things About Cruise Ships BUT are the best thing about Lifestyle Cruises

Undoubtedly, heading out on a cruise is one of the best ways in which to enjoy a vacation. However, one would be lying to his or herself if they were to say that cruising is without its annoyances. Like it or not, there are just some things about heading out on a cruise ship that can get under the skin of even the most veteran of cruisers.
If you've been out on a cruise, then you're probably already thinking about a few of the things that we're talking about. If you haven't tried cruising yet, then you should check out our list of cruise ship annoyances. While none of these are deal breakers when it comes to taking that cruise ship vacation, they're certainly things you should be aware of before boarding…

1. No Internet Connections
If you're the kind of person that has to text with your friends at all times, then be prepared to give up that cellphone connection… Unless you want to pay a pretty penny for Wi-Fi, that is…
JC Editorial-- Most of the friends you can tell about being on a LIfestyle cruise are on the cruise with you!

2. Leaving the Hot Spot
You cruise to one of the world's most famous tropical destinations, a place known for its wild nightlife… It's just that you can't enjoy that, because you've got to get back on the boat!
JC Editorial-- OK thanks to Couples Cruise and Bliss cruises, the tropical destinations, like the ship elevators, are really just there to help us keep track of what day it is, because the ship is the hot spot!

3. No Time for the Beach
Oh, some of the beaches you'll see when you head out on a cruise vacation! And oh, how little time you'll have to enjoy them!
JC Editorial-- Most of the beach stops are full nudity allowed, so enjoy it while you can then get back on the ship to the clothing optional pools and playrooms. 

4. Formal Night
This is a holdover from the old days of cruising – the night upon which the whole cruise ship goes formal. You don't really have the follow suit, but come on…
JC Editorial-- Women like men in Tuxedos like men like women in lingerie, so turn on them women and put on the cufflinks!

5. Expensive Libations
Cruise ships understand that they have a captive audience. They knew you want that frozen cocktail, and they're going to charge you quite a bit for it!
JC Editorial-- Two words DRINK PACKAGE, every Lifestyle cruise coordinators spend hours in negotiations to get the best deal for their group when it comes to drink packages, so enjoy.

6. Children Everywhere
Families go cruising, and families involve children. If you can't hang with screaming three year olds, then you might be in for trouble…
JC Editorial-- OK at my age, anyone under 30 is a child, however, NO one is under 21, and if you go on a Lifestyle Cruise with any of your family, please call me I always need new material. 

7. The Pool Crowds
Some cruise ships can carry thousands of people at a time, and thousands of people will definitely be crowding those pool decks on hot days.
JC Editorial-- Lifestyle cruises will carry thousands of fun people at a time and thousands of people will definitely be crowding those (clothing optional) pool decks on hot days. 

8. Not-So Broadway Productions
Performing on a cruise ship isn't the ideal gig for someone who's bound to become a star. You'll notice this in the quality of the productions.
JC Editorial-- But then again, the specialty acts like Mark Maze, The Dominatrix of Ditties, and swinger comedians like myself don't care about performing on Broadway but in front of "our" crowd we can really have fun with. 

9. The Single Supplement
Traveling by oneself can be an incredibly rewarding and eye-opening experience. If you want to cruise by yourself, be prepared to be charged extra for the privilege.
JC Editorial-- There may or may not be singles on a Lifestyle cruise. If they are allowed it will be a limited number and just may help you cross off some bucket list items. 

10. Getting Your Sea Legs
Once you finally get off the boat and head back home, prepare to be dealing with your sea legs for days and days…
JC Editorial-- If you are a female and need to lay down find me on the next Lifestyle Cruise and you can rest in my cabin. If you are a male, toughen up buttercup. 

11. Paying for Excursions
You'd think that cruise ships would include the cost of excursions in their fares, but nope! They cost quite a bit, particularly if you book them while on the ship.
JC Editorial-- Then stay on the ship at the pool and make a friend you will never forget.

12. Bringing Out the Germaphobe
A floating city that's ferrying thousands of people is a germaphobe's worst nightmare. If you want to stay healthy, you better stay on top of your hygiene.
JC Editorial-- There are thousands of germs everywhere if this is a concern stay home in your bubble. 

13. The Sanitized Experience
Hey, it's definitely fun to be out on the ocean and relaxing for your vacation. But, cruising ultimately provides a 'sanitized' experience, not unlike staying inside of an amusement park for a week.
JC Editorial-- MY personal experience, I have always needed a vacation after the cruise due to the fun I have always had. 

And a parting note; I have came on more cruises than I have gone on, see you on the next one!

SOURCES: placesyoullsee.com Added Editorial by JC Clark.

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