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 Travel Beauty Hacks That Will Save Your Life

Traveling is meant to be fun and relaxing. However, it can leave your beauty regimen high and dry with the inconsistency that comes with it. Your morning and evening routine often become abandoned while you are jet-setting, which can be detrimental to your hair and skin. When you're short on space and time, which is often the case when traveling, you'll need some convenient travel beauty hacks. Check out our list of beauty hacks for traveling, that you absolutely need to know.

1.Use contact lenses to hold cosmetics, toothpaste, or other small amounts of product.

2.Put a shower cap around your shoes to prevent them from dirtying up your clothes.

3.Pack coconut oil for various uses such as taming split ends, make-up remover, bug bite itch cream, etc.

4.Pull your necklace through a straw to eliminate tangling.

5.Pack a container of baby powder for a multitude of uses: dry shampoo, body freshener, or freshening your clothes and shoes.

6.Use Vaseline for your lips, hands, or dry heels.

7.Powdered blush can be used for rosy cheeks as well as layering it over vaseline on your lips for some color or putting it on your eyelids as a bright eye shadow.

8.exercise the day before travel to avoid jet lag.

9.A silk pillow can save many bad hair days, place it over hotel pillows to keep your hair fresh.

10.Cordless hair irons are a great thing to keep in your purse. After a long flight, freshen up so you can step off the plane looking flawless.

11.If you're crunched for space in your make-up bag, pack eye liner as it can be an eye liner, mascara, and eye shadow for a smokey eye. A q-tip can spread the liner out and you won't even need to bring any eye shadow.

12.Baby oil can keep your body hydrated as well as your hair.

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