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What do Guys Like in Bed? How to Please Your Man the Way He Wants

Knowing how to make a guy happy in bed is important. As a couple, you want to be sure you're pleasing each other right. So what do guys like in bed?
You should always be striving to please your man sexually just as he should be doing the same for you. But sometimes that's not easy. This is especially true if he's not really the talkative time. It'll leave you wondering, what do guys like in bed?

Obviously, all men are different. What one may like another won't at all. That means you'll have to do some experimenting to find out what he really wants you to do to him in bed. Thankfully, there are a few things most guys seem to enjoy as a whole.

Keeping him satisfied in bed will help make for a happy relationship

There's a lot more to a relationship than the sex but it's still a very important aspect of keeping your dynamic happy and healthy. Being satisfied in bed paves the way for better communication, less resentment, and an overall more pleasant relationship.

Many couples break up due to one or both people being dissatisfied with the sex. And sometimes there's nothing they can do about it but other times there is. If you can put forth some effort to learn what your guy likes in the sack, you can eliminate a possible reason for the relationship failing.

What do guys like in bed?
If you want to step up your game when it comes to sex with your man, we have what you need. This is what men tend to like in bed. Use these moves to satisfy him in more ways than he ever thought you could.

#1 You being more vocal. Guys really love hearing that they're doing a good job. They want to hear you in pleasure. Don't be afraid to get loud and vocal. Don't just moan, either. Go ahead and tell him how great he feels.
Guys really like to hear exactly what they're doing right and why you like it so much. It turns them on like crazy and also helps with their egos. If he's doing a great job, tell him. He'll love hearing it.

#2 You taking the lead. Guys usually end up doing a lot of the work in bed. We can't deny that. Sometimes all a guy wants is for you to take the lead. Take charge and make him do what you want. Tell him what to do and be dominant.
It's really sexy being told what to do sometimes. And it'll also feel great for him to just sit back and enjoy what's being done to him.

#3 New positions. We all have our favorite sex positions. Certain ones just feel so good and we usually end up doing them over and over again whenever we have sex. But that gets a little boring after a while.
Guys like to switch things up every now and then. They love it even more if you're the one suggesting new and fun positions. So speak up if you want to try something new and put him in position. You'll see his eyes light up with joy.

#4 Some ball play. This one you'll really have to tread lightly with. You may even want to ask your man if he wants you to do this because while some guys might love it, others really don't like it at all.
The key here is to be gentle and do it when it's not a hassle. You can gently grab them while you're giving him head or even when you're in doggy position. Gauge his interest and see if he's the type who loves it.

#5 Use your hands a lot more. Don't be afraid to grab him. Sometimes guys really want to be handled. Scratch his back, run your hands through his hair. You can even give it a little tug if he's into that sort of thing.
The point is to feel his body more. Be more active while you're having sex even if he's the one doing most of the work at that moment. Let him know how much you like it with your touch.

#6 You initiating sex more often. Guys have a higher sex drive than women, on average. Therefore, they're usually the ones initiating sex but they don't have to be. You can easily do it. Go ahead and initiate sex even if you're not in the mood that much. Once you get things started, that'll change.

#7 Playing up his fantasies. What are the things he desires most? If you know he has a thing for nurse costumes, then get one and dress up! Do some role-playing. Guys like to see their fantasies come to life provided you're comfortable with it.
Not only will he be super turned on, but he'll also feel really loved and appreciated. Knowing you want to please him so much so that you're willing to act out his fantasies will be more than enough for him.

#8 Playing up your fantasies. Guys also really want to make you happy in the bedroom too. It's one of their own desires to be able to please you. So let your man act out one of your fantasies for you. Open up and let him know what you want and he'll most likely be down to do it.

#9 More direction. Guys like being guided, believe it or not. They know women are a lot harder to please than they are and they want some direction when it comes to get you off. Guys like making their women come.
By telling them what you like and what you want them to do, you're steering them in the direction of an orgasm for YOU. And that will make them feel great and make them desire you even more.

#10 A judgment-free atmosphere. People sometimes like odd things in bed. You being open to the stuff he likes will be more pleasurable to him that you'll realize. Guys really just want to be able to express themselves sexually with you and a judgment-free zone is needed to do that.

#11 Head. Yes. Guys love receiving blowjobs. If there's one thing you get out of this, it's to use your mouth more. This is especially true if you're not the type to do this a lot already. Surprise him and get down there.

#12 Spontaneity. One thing guys really like in bed is to be surprised. Show him that you're not predictable. This is not only really exciting, but he'll admire you even more for being able to catch him off guard.

The next time you're having sex, change it up and do something he'd never expect. You'll see just how much he loves it.

So what do guys like in bed? It mostly depends on the man you're with but overall, they just want you to pay attention to their needs and speak up a bit. Find out what your guy likes specifically and run with it.

SOURCE:Lovepanky.com/ BELLA POPE

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