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Why Edging and Orgasm Control Make for Great Long-Distance Play

As both a writer and an avid reader, a clever turn of a phrase has long been one of my greatest turn-ons. In the days of dating apps and "U awake?" texts, it's harder to get my fix of the written word. That's one of the reasons that I love long-distance play.

Although long-distance relationships come with their own challenges, they do force you to have real conversations. When you can't just jump in bed together, you'll often get to talk about things that may have taken ages to come up.

Not only that, but foreplay and tease can reach all new levels when you're playing over a distance - whether it's because you're in a long-distance relationship or you just want to stay in touch while one person is away for work.

My Favorite? Orgasm Control and Edging
One of my favorite ways to play is using elements of orgasm control and edging. These forms of play are ideal at a distance because you can keep the play going for days with just a simple text now and then. Controlling someone's orgasms is a fabulous way to stay front of mind, even when you're not together, or between long-distance conversations.

My long-distance play partner, S., sums it up nicely,
"We usually begin with texts, teasing each other, and sending sexy photos. She will ask how long it's been since I've had an orgasm, how long I think I can hold out for her. At that point it's on. Over the next few days we'll exchange texts and photos, which get progressively sexier. But hanging over all of this is an agreement: that she controls when I may orgasm. It's this agreement that really makes our play exciting for me. She will give me assignments from time to time. For example, I am to bring myself close to orgasm a few times a day, but stop short. She wants photographic evidence, which I happily provide."

Giving assignments is a wonderful element of long distance play. It brings the play into someone's daily life without requiring frequent phone calls or constant texting. This works well when both people are busy and trying to maintain a connection.

Working in Kinky Interests
It's easy to incorporate any kinks or interests you and your partner might have. If you need ideas of what to do, that can even be an assignment of its own. Try having your partner find erotica or porn that they enjoy and share it with you. This way, forming ideas for play becomes part of the play itself.

If you'd like to make things more advanced, there are many toys that can help with that. App-controlled toys are a newer market, but there are already quite a few options from We-Vibe toys, which can be controlled by a handy app, to the Umie. There are also smart toys like those by Kiiroo, which also provide a unique way to experience long-distance couples' play.

SOURCE: kinky.com

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