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Women Open Up About How They Really Feel About Anal Sex

 Women Open Up About How They Really Feel About Anal Sex

Anal sex is a great way to keep things interesting in the bedroom, but it's safe to say that it's not for everyone. While some really love it, others find themselves completely put off by it. For the most part, men seem to be the most into it, but how do women really feel about it? Here, 15 women on Reddit spill the beans.

Lots of lube. "I love it IF: 1) there is a lot of lube available and, 2) the penetrating party moves slowly and lets me get used to it, and 3) I can get some clitoral stimulation at the same time," says Reddit user JessHWV.

Fingering. "I have had really great anal experiences, and I've had really painful bad ones. I'm sort of neutral towards the whole thing. If a guy is really into it then I can get down with that, but I'm rarely begging for someone to put their d*** up my a**. I usually really enjoy anal fingering though. That generally feels awesome," says Reddit user ♀lemonylips.

Pain. "I enjoy it, I like it because it feels different to vaginal sex it's also because my butt is tiny, I'm a little bit of pain-slut and anal can be painful. I first tried it when a girl I was dating said in the middle of some pretty rough strap-on sex "do you want it in your but" I went f***it and said "YES!" and then BAM! It was in my butt and it was really really sore at first but you loosen up after a few seconds. You can go slowly as well which reduces the pain and lets you get used to something being in your butt," says Reddit user 1_1_2_3_5_8_13_21_34.

Unique feeling. "I love it. My first experience with anal was with an ex, and he kind of...didn't want to tell me what was gonna happen next? So yes, literally surprise buttsex. That was terrible. However! My boyfriend now is awesome at it. He eases into it and I dunno, it's a unique feeling that I enjoy," says Reddit user neenqueen.

Curious. "I've tried it multiple times out of sheer curiosity. Every time, it felt like I was doing a big, backwards poop. Not sure if I found the sensation pleasurable, or just a bit strange. Probably the latter," says Reddit user becky87.

Naughty. "I enjoy it. I like that it feels different, sort of "naughty" if you will. I think a lot of the enjoyment is psychological for me. I'm doing something cliche that my partner enjoys, which is a huge turn on, and it's also a different kind of domination/control he has over me in the moment," says Reddit user msbubbles326.

Thrill. "Absolutely love it, gives me more of thrill. First time hurt like hell, depends on the partner and the patience/preparedness of both people. Started off by wanting something new to try. Also it is a good way to get off during that time of the month without making a bloody mess (literally)," says Reddit user TerrifyinglyAwesome.

Hassle. "I like it a lot but I'm not desperate for it because it is just a hassle. You've got to do some prep and be prepared for things to get a little dirty because sometimes they do. It's great once in awhile, but will never be something I do often," says an anonymous Reddit user.

Curious. "I tried it with my ex out of curiosity, but it really wasn't my thing. There were a couple of times where it was somewhat pleasurable, but the pain kinda won out. Also, anal by itself was never too enjoyable; I needed to build up to it with vaginal sex first," says Reddit user la_salope_domestique.

Different orgasm. "I enjoy it. I'm a sensory junkie (I'm also a bit of a masochist) and I appreciate how it generates a totally different feeling during sex. And a way different orgasm, too," says Reddit user mistyknits.

Pleasure. "Yes, can be very pleasurable , also can be very painful. It's called LISTENING and angulation. Gay friends give great tips. Also gay friends are great for blow job tips. Can be very pleasurable unless your with a thoughtless idiot. Hilarious gay friend always toasts drinks "Up the bum no babies" ALWAYS makes me laugh," says Reddit user 07nightsky.

Done right. "I only tried it twice but I liked it (the second time). I think that when done right, it can be great. I have a friend who can only orgasm this way," says Reddit user frenchybop.

Kinky. "I feel like it's worth a try. I didn't feel the urge to try until I was pregnant, and I actually enjoyed it because my husband was very easy about it. I can't say I love anal but every few months I feel a little kinky and like getting pounded in the a**. In all honesty, it's more for my husband than myself but I enjoy pleasing him. I can cum if I rub my clit but I've never had an orgasm from penetration alone," says Reddit user mrspoke.

Practice. "I've tried anal several times. It hurt a lot the first few, and then after that I just realized I didn't like the sensation. Some women like it, some don't - and more than that, it takes practice to find out," says an anonymous Reddit user.

Preparation. "I personally love it. It took a few times before the weird uncomfortable feeling turned to pleasure. And of course there was some pain in the beginning. But if you don't prepare yourself properly it can really ruin the experience to where you never want to try again. I would recommend wearing a butt plug before your first time. Also having an orgasm beforehand loosens up the muscles and seems to make it easier," says Reddit user countrygirl1107.

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