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Women Reveal Their Preferences For Male Pubic Hair

What's sexier than variety? When men strip down to their birthday suits in front of women, they're met with either intrigue, perplexity or fear. These are the core birthday suit reactions. It's science. But these reactions aren't always so much directed toward the man's member, but the forest (or lack thereof) surrounding said member. Pubic hair comes in all lengths, textures and hues — and they're about to be laid out for your viewing pleasure. Keep reading to find out what women reveal as their preferences for male pubic hair.

The longer, the better. I like some length on my guys. But that's not even really true. I don't just like some length, I like a lot of length," said Vicky R., a dental hygienist from Greensboro, NC. "I want to feel like I can get lost down there. Is that weird?"

The long road. "I get that this is super specific," said Maggie L., a wedding coordinator from Newark, NJ, "but I love when a guy keeps the rest of his business as thin as his happy trail. It's so satisfying, even though I feel like most men never seem to take this route."

Color me pubic. "I get bored easily," said Rachel S., an occupational therapist from Austin, TX. "Brown, black, blonde, red... they're all just so boring. Give me a rainbow bush or pastel pubes any day. I love when a guy surprises me with some unconventional colors when he pulls off his pants. I always know it's going to be fun times."

Smooth plums. "When it comes to how he keep things manicured below the belt, I'm fine with anything, as long as he keeps his balls as hairless as humanly possible," said Greta W., an architect from St. Louis, MO. Not only do I feel like I get loose strands in my mouth during oral, but they're just not aesthetically pleasing with all those wiry strands just poking out in scattered patches. That business is gross. Sorry, not sorry."

Super old school. "Now, this doesn't have anything to do with a guy being old, but I love me so grey pubes," said Mackenzie M., a photographer from Boulder, CO. "This is a rare treat, but I've seen it once, and I wish more men would go this route. Not sure if they call it silver, grey or what — I just know it's sexy as hell."

Stubble stud. "I know it might sound a little uncomfortable," said Jen W., a speech therapist from Pittsburgh, PA, "but it's actually really sexy — in my opinion, at least. It's clean cut, but still shows off his masculinity. It's a win-win by my standards."

Bald eagle. "I know most women probably prefer hair down there, but I don't," said Clarice R., a social worker from Bakersfield, CA. "As long as he keeps it well manicured, I love feeling that smooth skin all over my smooth skin. It turns me on so much. Can't even put it into words."

Experimental. "I love when a guy tries out different things," said Sidney P., a midwife from Tampa, FL. "Obviously I know that hair takes time to grow back, but when he shows me something different every time (or at least every other time), I love it. Nothing like a surprise."

Whatever looks good in sweat. "I like when a man glistens, so whatever length or style is required to keep that alive, I'm totally fine with," said Leslie B., an interior decorator from Cincinnati, OH. "When I think of what I want a man to look like, I think of the David Beckham ads in H&M. I feel like he glistens. And I feel like whatever look he's rocking under his shorts probably matches with what I'm into."

Eek. "This may come across as really mean, but pubic hair in general just kind of grosses me out," said Amber B., an IT consultant from Garland, TX. "This isn't so much about preference — like whether he shaves or doesn't — I'm just not crazy about it. I'd rather not think about his hair while we're 'having fun.' I just want to feel good."

Near-stubble. "So this might be completely random, but I like when a guy has it just short enough to nearly bordering stubble, but not necessarily stubble," said Kim Q., a nurse from Fort Wayne, IN. "I understand how specific this is, but it's just a look that I prefer. I want to be able to touch without having to run my fingers through strands of hair, but I also don't want to be rubbing up against sandpaper. I'm super picky, I guess."

Tight and sturdy. "I don't like a full bush, I don't like him bald and I don't even like a basic trim," said Abby C., a travel agent from Riverside, CA. "I like neatness. I like when he's spent a lot of time clearly manicuring his situation. It shows that he knows how to put effort into even the littler details. I think it says a lot about a man."

Funky fresh. "When it comes to pubic hair, I want creativeness," said Dana P., a marketing director from New York, NY. "Sex can become typical, no matter how good it feels, so it's nice to be surprised every once and while. I will admit that I haven't seen everything in this world, so I want a guy to show me something different. Something creative. Can't be that difficult, right?"

Does it really matter? "I want a guy who's totally comfortable in his own skin — and his own hair," said Brie R., a psychoanalyst from Chesapeake, VA. "I want to be able to sleep with a guy who doesn't care what his hair looks like. As long as he's clean, takes care of himself and knows how to show me a good time, then I'm good. Why would anyone want to judge a guy based on how his pubic hair looks. It's kind of crazy, to be honest."

SOURCE: therebelcircus.com

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