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Desire Greek Islands is back August 26th-September 2nd, 2023


Our couples-only Desire Greek Islands Cruise gives you and your partner a unique opportunity to move from one dream isle to another as you uncover all there is to discover.  Unleash your sensual true self as you and your partner are swept away by the mystical, seductive scenery.

For a hassle-free experience, enjoy our desirable amenities included, such as the Premium Beverage Package, 5 dining venues, and room service. And if you and your partner seek to turn up the heat, our private playroom, provocative pool parties, exciting theme nights, temperature-rising entertainment, sexy workshops, and clothing-optional areas are a must.

Our itinerary will depart and culminate in Athens, Greece, the mythological crossroads between the past and the present, and will continue on to capture your imagination along the epic journey to Volos, Greece. Our next stop along this voyage will be Thessaloniki, known as the cultural capital of Greece, before stopping in Kavala, the heart of eastern Macedonia. From there we will set sail for Ephesus, Turkey, once the second largest city of the Roman empire. Additionally, we will stop to admire the picture-perfect postcard views of Mykonos, before returning to Athens.



SATURDAY August 26, 2023
SUNDAY August 27, 2023
MONDAY August 28, 2023
TUESDAY August 29, 2023
WEDNESDAY August 30, 2023
THURSDAY August 31, 2023
FRIDAY September 01, 2023
SATURDAY September 02, 2023



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