Daily Eco-Adventures

Daily Eco-Adventures



The Aqua Cat has 12 kayaks onboard for passengers to use. There are both single and double kayaks available. Everyone will find them easy to use.The Sea Dog is available to transport you and the kayaks close to the islands or you can kayak directly from the Aqua Cat. There are over 100 islands in the Northern Exumas, many with beautiful deserted beaches. Explore the creeks on Shroud Cay or Ship’s Channel Cay. Visit Pirate’s Lair where pirates hid 250 years ago to avoid capture.


There are over 100 islands in the Northern Exumas.

Many with beautiful deserted beaches for you to enjoy.Allan’s Cay is one of the last homes of the rare Bahamas rock iguanas. They were once common on most Bahamian Islands, but early settlers nearly hunted them into extinction. As you approach the beach, watch for iguanas crawling out of the woods. They are looking for handouts of bread or fruit from the guests to their island.There are several nature trails on Warderick Wells that meander around the island. Maps are available at the park headquarters. If you are lucky you might see a hutia, a rare, local rodent. There are some ruins on the eastern shore that date back to 1780. Be sure to climb Boo Boo Hill to enjoy the spectacular view.There is a beautiful beach right next to the park headquarters. While there aren’t a lot of fish right off the beach, you can swim or wade around to the headquarters’ dock where schools of grunts, jacks and snapper swarm. A resident lemon shark also appears frequently.


Saddleback CaySaddleback Cay 1 2

On most trips to this beach, we encounter stingrays that venture close to snorkelers in the hopes of a hand fed tidbit. There are also a number of small coral heads located at one end of the beach with many juvenile fish to observe.Snorkeling is an easy and enjoyable activity for all passengers. Instructors are available to assist and instruct those who are unfamiliar with snorkeling. All you need are mask, fins and snorkels. If you don’t have your own, the Aqua Cat has them available for rent. We provide snorkel vests. The Aqua Cat has a specially equipped 28-foot launch, the Sea Dog, designed for transporting passengers to the remote and pristine islands of the Exumas Cays where they can snorkel from the beach in shallow waters. There are a variety of different sites you can visit:

Mangroves 2

Mangrove Snorkels

Mangroves provide haven for marine nurseries for the juveniles of many fish species including gray snapper, barracuda and grunts. During a recent snorkel in the mangroves on Ship’s Channel Cay, we saw over 100 small barracuda! The creeks of Shroud Cay are another great area to snorkel among the mangroves.


The Bahamas were a Mecca for drug smugglers in the 1970′s until the government got its act together and cleared them out. The most notorious of them was Carlos Lehder who bought Normans Cay to use as his base. Although all is quiet and peaceful now, the evidence of its previous history is very obvious – a semi submerged drug runners plane lies in the anchorage. The plane is still Normans Wreck 2surprisingly complete although almost buried in sand. Sit in the pilot seat! Many of our scuba sites are also excellent for snorkeling. The wall dives that run along the Exuma Sound begin shallow and slope gently until gradually falling over the edge. These sites are conducive to awesome diving and snorkeling simultaneously! Sites like Parrotfish Reef or Flat Rock Reef have a depth of 5’ to 10’ near the islands. While our shark dive is done in 50’ of water, the chumsicle floats 25’ above the bottom, which gives snorkelers a great view of the sharks feeding.


Allen Cay is located in the Northern Exuma Islands, approximately 37 miles southeast of Nassau, Bahamas. The cay is long and thin in shape, with very few trees. Following removal of invasive house mice, natural cavities were fi lled with sand to provide ideal breeding sites for female Allen Cay Rock Iguanas.


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