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Dream Pleasure Tours held its first Swinging 101 class at Eyz Wide Shut on Wednesday, April 25, 2012. The event was a combination Swinging 101 education class and forum, a wine tasting event, and a tour of the Eyz Wide Shut facilities.  The event was well attended and our couple in the know, a Tampa couple who have been in the lifestyle for many years, Fifi and Edwin, did a great job of educating a number of new and curious couples.    All attendees were presented with a copy of the Dream Pleasure Tours Swingers Glossary, which appears below in this article.

Unfortunately, our complimentary wine tasting ran into a problem. Apparently a special license is required for wine tastings in Florida, and there was some question as to whether or not the wine vendor had the correct license.  Fortunately Wednesday was ladies night, so the first two drinks were free, at least for the ladies.  Plus Eyz Wide Shut was running some super drink specials that night, helping everyone’s pocket book.  We should have the wine situation figured out by our next event.

After the Swingers 101 one seminar and discussion,
the owner of Eyz Wide Shut gave everyone a private tour of the facilities.  If you haven’t been to Eyz Wide Shut, you really should go.  Andrew has done a superior job of creating a fun and artistic environment where adults can engage in adult fun.

If you missed the last event, remember that every last Wednesday of the month
, Dream Pleasure Tours Marketing Director, Angye Fox, will host "Blending with Purpose", a Swinging 101 seminar at Eyz Wide Shut located at 8504 Adamo Drive (Hwy 60), Tampa, Florida 33619. Couples who are new to swinging, age 21 and over, are welcome to attend. The format of the seminars will include a complimentary wine tasting with appetizers, a discussion format featuring an experienced swinger couple followed by a tour of Eyz Wide Shut licensed sexual encounter center. The discussion period will address questions such as introducing swinging into your relationship, etiquette, rules, safe words, jealousy, unicorns/single males, threesomes, full-swap, soft-swap and real-life experiences.

After the participants complete the seminar and tour
, they will receive a complimentary one-month membership to Eyz Wide Shut provided by Dream Pleasure Tours.  For more details, please visit the Eyz Wide Shut website at www.EyzWideShut.com.

If you're interested in having a Dream Pleasure Tours Swinging 101 class at your club, or if you're interested in presenting a Swinging 101 class in your area, contact Angye at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  Dream Pleasure Tours will help with the costs, mention the event in our newsletter and on our website, and will provide goodies for the attendees.


The Lifestyle The Lifestyle is a term first used in the 1970's and is basically a modern version of the term "Swingers"; however, most people in the Lifestyle feel it is more encompassing that just swinging. It includes people that are sexually open minded in general.

Full Swap Full Swap is generally when a couple fully swaps partners, including intercourse.

Soft Swap Soft Swap is when couples exchanges partners, but do not have intercourse. Generally it is limited to swapping orally and/or heavy petting.

GG or Girl-Girl Girl-Girl is where just the women play and the men watch, and/or join their partners, but do not have any interaction with the other person’s partner.

Same Room If someone says they are interested in "Same Room" this may mean they are interested in Full Swap Same Room, or it may mean they are interested in having sex with their partner in the same room another couple is having sex and watching each other.

Bull Is a single guy that is just for casual sex with a female. Either single or part of a couple. Men that are considered "Bulls" are typically well endowed.

Unicorn A Unicorn refers to a single woman in the Lifestyle. They are called Unicorns because they are pretty rare, and many have never seen one!

MFM / FMF MFM stands for Male, Female, Male. 2 men/1 women in a threesome.  FMF stands for Female, Male, Female. 2 women/ 1 men in a threesome.

Safe Word or Phrase Way to politely communicate with your partner that you are uncomfortable with the situation or you are ready to leave.  i.e. “I need to use the bathroom.”

Hot Wife Is a wife that sets up casual sex dates with other men. Typically she or her date take photos and send them to the interested couple’s husband.

Hall Pass This means that one of the individuals has permission to play on his or her own from their partner.

Exhibitionists These are people that enjoy having sex while other people watch and are not necessarily Swingers.

Voyeurs These are people that enjoy watching others have sex and are not necessarily Swingers.

Bi - Sexual Bi - Sexuality is very common in the Lifestyle with women. Not only is it socially acceptable, but it is encouraged.  Bi - Sexuality with men is typically not socially acceptable and not very common on the surface.

Tri - Sexual Tri - Sexuality is commonly used to refer to a person who will “try” anything sexually.

Top & Bottom
These are terms that are more common in the Gay community, but occasionally come up with Swingers especially if the Male is bi-sexual. Top means you are the "Giver", and bottom means you the "Receiver."

Squirting Squirting is Female Ejaculation. Use a LuvMat!

Newbies Are people new to the Lifestyle, or to a Lifestyle club or resort.

Vanilla Vanilla refers to something that is non-Lifestyle. For example, a Vanilla Club, Vanilla Friends or Party. 

Chocolate, however, does not mean something that is associated with the Lifestyle, that would typically refer to African Americans in the Lifestyle.

Private Adventure Term used to describe nudist and/or swinging lifestyle that does not draw attention in a negative way.

DP  Double Penetration. One girl, two guys, but only one vagina! Solution?  One penis in the Vagina the other in the Butt.

Bare Back Bare Back would refer to having intercourse without the use of a condom. This is generally frowned upon in the Lifestyle.

Group Sex Is a group of people all having sex. This is what most Vanilla people think swingers do every Saturday night; however, it is rare occurrence. Swinging typically consists of two or three couples. Remember, if you come upon a Group situation you still must ask permission to join.

Off Premise An Off Premise Club or Event is an event where sexual activates do not take place at the event. These events typically take place at Hotels at Meet & Greets. These events also normally sell alcohol.

On Premise An On Premise Club or Event is where sexual activities take place at the event. If a swingers club is On-Premise typically it is also BYOB. On Premise Swingers clubs have areas or rooms set up for people to have sex or "play".  Eyz Wide Shut is a rare swingers club that has both.

House Party A house party is a where a member of the Lifestyle hosts an on premise party at their house.

Meet & Greet
A Meet & Greet is an Off Premise event typically held at a hotel or bar. These are generally low pressure events for people interested in the Lifestyle to get their feet wet.

Swingers Club / Social Club Swingers Clubs are either On Premise or Off Premise. There are swingers clubs in every state in the United States and in most of the world. These clubs are a safe place for people to meet and explore their sexuality. These clubs are typically NOT high pressure environments, as some would suspect.

Site If someone asks "What site are you on?" They are referring to a Swingers Social site.

Swinger Name Nickname or alter personality that a swinger couple uses to identify themselves to protect their real identity or to describe their personalities.  i.e. “SquirtFlirt” or “FifiandFriends.”

Connect with other travelers and hear what they have to say at the World Exotic Travel Club.

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