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The Team at Dream Pleasure Tours is constantly attending events, visiting clubs, and traveling with customers.  If you see that we will be at an event in your area, please come visit us.  And of course, we'd love to have you join us on any trip we plan to be on.  Click on the live links to find out more about these events and group travel.






Gary Booth

Founder / Travel Consultant


Hi Everyone!! My name is Gary and I am one of the founders of Dream Pleasure Tours.
I have been in the adult travel business for over ten years. Since I have been most of our resorts and over 15 cruises I know all the ins and outs and how to find you the best deal.

I also enjoy diving and just exploring the different cultures and locations that Dream Pleasure Tours has can offer. Please feel free to contact if have any questions or if you are looking to book that next great vacation!! Contact me at 1 800 349 3025 ext.102

1-800-349-3025 Ext 102

Cell: (949) 698-3652

Facebook: DPTAdultTravel

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Travel Consultant / Travel Host

comedy shot

 Howdy I’m JC Clark and if you have been in the Lifestyle longer than a week our paths have probably crossed or I know a lot of the same people you know. I have been in the Lifestyle industry for about 20 years and have worked with Dream Pleasure Tours for most of them. I am very honored and excited they have made me part of the team to serve the Lifestyle Industry.

I have been to Hedonism over 40 times,( I have actually came more times than I went), Desire about a dozen, all of the Couples Cruises, and most of the swinger clubs in the USA. So feel free to ask me anything that will help you make a well informed decision about traveling or the lifestyle.
I also post sexy, funny, and informative and sometimes travel blogs on the Dream Pleasure Tours site, warning most of the stuff I repost will turn you on and could lead to spontaneous sex, so don’t read them in the car or church.
I was also featured on the Couples Cruises and Naughty N N’awlins as the “You might be a swinger” comedian.. You can catch one of my new shows coming to club or resort near you. Or call me direct to book me into your club.

“Your pleasure is our business”.

1-800-349-3025 Ext 107


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Travel Consultant / Travel Host

I have been working and traveling with the lifestyle community for over 25 years. I started with the legendary Lifestyle 


Tours and Travel Company. I have traveled extensively to Jamaica, Costa Rica, Grenada, Puerto Rico and Mexico on lifestyle tours. I have also attended many of the Lifestyle conventions and clubs in the States. Most everyone that travels to Hedonism II will recognize me. I have been to Hedonism II over 100 times. I specialize in guest relations where I solve their problems and make sure that they are contented with the resort. 

The times that I have spent with the lifestyle travel community are my most enjoyable. I hope to continue as long as I can, and I look forward to seeing many old friends and making some new, lasting relationships here at Dream Pleasure Tours. I look forward to serving you with the same professionalism as I have for over 25 years! – Sandy

1-800-349-3025 Ext 108

Cell: (949) 698-3652 (text)


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Travel Consultant / Travel Host

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Hi, My name is Camille but you can call me Cami. I have been a member of Dream Pleasure Tours since February 2017 and am new to the lifestyle. I love to travel and meet all the beautiful people in the world. I am from the Pittsburgh PA area and am a huge sports fan. Pittsburgh baseball is my ultimate passion when it comes to sports however. I also like to try new things and am always up for adventure. I am a very open minded – free spirited person as well. I have a nursing degree but felt the calling for travel and was blessed with the opportunity to work for Dream Pleasure Tours and I hope that I can make each and every one of our clients happy and get the pampering they deserve in life.

1-800-349-3025 Ext 329

Cell: 310-402-9051 (text)

Facebook: Camille Hope

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