DPT Uniform Services Week At Hedonism June 21-28, 2014

DPT Uniform Services Week At Hedonism June 21-28, 2014
Hedonism II
June 21-28, 2014

Garden View Regular: Call for Availably and Rates. Call 1 800 349 3025.
Ocean View Regular: Call for Availably and Rates. Call 1 800 349 3025.
Garden View Nude: Call for Availably and Rates. Call 1 800 349 3025.
Ocean View Nude: Call for Availably and Rates. Call 1 800 349 3025.
Nude Beach Jacuzzi - Call for Availably and Rates. Call 1 800 349 3025.

Airport/Resort Transfers Round Trip $33.00 per Person

Hedonism II Rates based on two people per room.  For single rates, please call 1.800.349.3025.

Special discount for military and law enforcement.
Proof and ID Verification Compulsory.

To book extra days or combine weeks, please call 1.800.349.3025 for a customized schedule. 

  • Group rates are applicable only for the actual dates of the contract and the three-night window on either side of the group contracted dates.
  • Bookings must have a minimum of (5) five nights in the Actual Group Contracted Dates.
  • Group Rates Cannot Be Used for Bookings of 5 Nights Or Less Unless It Is Within The 3 Night Before or 3 Night After Group Dates
  • Transfers are at $33.00 Per Person Round Trip
  • Call DPT Agents for Booking of Less Than 5 Nights.

91 days out $100.00 per person
1-90 days out No Refund
Dream Pleasure Tours Suggests that everyone purchases Travel Insurance. Please contact your Travel Agent for more details.


By nature , living and working within the Military , Law Enforcement and " first responders " system is a very, very regimented way of life . There are rules and regulations that you are expected to live by 24 hours a day 7 days a week . Essentially , there is no " down time " you are always expected to answer the call . Spend a week making your own rules and living your life your way with Dream Pleasure Tours Uniformed Services Week at Hedonism II . Whether you will be traveling with your partner , solo or with fellow service members this is your week to cut loose and create the vacation and memories to last a life time. Your uniform for the week …? NOTHING but a  smile and sunscreen !
Uniformed Services Week at Hedonism II is the vacation spot where couples and singles go to fulfill their fantasies in a tropical paradise. Where else can you explore your sensual erotic desires in an environment where you’re not judged for doing what feels right, and where the rules of everyday life simply don’t apply. Mix ,mingle and make new friends at this breathtaking all inclusive caribbean paradise.

You spend all year working hard serving and helping others , and this is the week for you to be catered by the attentive staff within luxurious accomodations .You can lie around in the warm Jamaican sun all day sipping your favorite cocktail ,   enjoy your partner in the shade of a secluded palm tree or snorkel in the crystal clear negril waters . It’s your vacation and there are no kids and no prudes to bother you. Throw off the constraints of everyday life and live out your fantasies, or be part of someone else’s fantasies. The choice is yours, and you’re free to go as far as you like or as you dare.

Hedonism II is one of the most sexually liberated resorts on the planet. It's no mistake that the number of Lifestylers at Hedonism II grows larger every year. Vacationers have visited the resort to be catered to as they fulfill fantasies and desires.  Everyone is welcome. Wether you are exploring new possibilities in your relationship, new to the Lifestyle, or a seasoned veteran, you'll find what you are looking for  at Hedonism II.  Want to watch? Go ahead. Want to play? You’ll find someone to play with. Want to renew that sexual bond with your partner?  There is no better place to do it than under the warm sunny days and tropical nights of Jamaica. Our motto is, "No pressure, all pleasure.".

Hedonism II is an all-inclusive clothing optional beach front resort. That means you get all of the food you can eat and all of the libations  you can drink during your entire stay. Even better, on the nude side of the resort you can swim and sunbath in the buff . Dream Pleasure tours has  plenty of activities to keep you busy . Things kick off at 6:30 pm at the piano bar for  " Monday Night  Meet and Greet " , hosted by Zee and Joey Hewlett . Tuesday and Thursday evenings at 10 pm the " Play Room " is open for… well we will just leave that up to you .

But that's just the beginning . From pool parties, games to live entertainment  you can play and have the time of your life at one of the hottest AND coolest resorts on the planet . Each night will have a theme so you can dress to impress or dress for fun. The following theme nights are planned for this exotic vacation:

"Yes, that IS a sword in my pocket and am I happy to see you!!!" Hot Pirates and Sexy Wenches Walk the plank in Jamaican Colors!!! Plunder that Booty, Mateys!!!

Just because you put your jammies on, it doesn't mean it's time to sleep…guests party into the wee hours in their best pajamas, lingerie and pasties…it's the sexiest  sleep over you will EVER attend!!!

A hugely popular night at Hedonism! Unleash and expose what lurks inside your sexy soul at this "no holds barred" night of fun, fetish, and fantasy…the only limit is your imagination!!!

Elegance meets eroticism…sensuality meets sophistication in this lustfully-charged evening…under the Jamaican night sky.

Come dressed as your favorite rock star living, dead, or create one of your own…"Rock out with your cock out!"

An whimsical evening of mystery and intrigue with a touch of "who's who"? The sexiest costumed festival in the Carribean!!! 

Hot for Teacher? Smoking in the Boys Rom? A member of the Breakfast Club? In this school, being bad is allowed, and often, encouraged! Sexy School Girls, Nerds, Jocks, and Cheerleaders cum together for some extra-curricular fun!!

(Activities, times and locations are all subject to change without notice.)

We are often asked if this is a couples trip, and the answer is, yes and no. There are a lot of couples on the trip looking to make connections with other couples and singles, however, there are always single men and women looking to make new friends too. This event could be sold out, so we suggest you book early to ensure you get the room category you desire.

Connect with other travelers and hear what they have to say at the World Exotic Travel Club.

Rates quoted are for the resort accommodation only.

Call us to book by phone or if you have any questions 800-349-3025.

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