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What is Ashley Madison Really About?

Lifestylers pride themselves on open honest relationships. Why would we have a link to a “cheaters” website?

One thing we’ve learned as we’ve grown to become one of the leading providers of travel for sexually open-minded people is that the worst thing you can do is to try to categorize people.  Even the very words “swingers” or “lifestyle” have so many shades of grey that describing any individual or couple as “swingers” or as “members of the lifestyle” still leaves so much unsaid.  That’s why when people ask us for the best place on the internet to find other like-minded people, we have to say, “It depends.”  On our website, you’ll find links to swingers websites like SwingLifestyle, SDC and Kasidie, but you’ll also find a link to a site called Ashley Madison. 

What exactly is this website all about? Their website says, “the most famous name in infidelity and married dating.” Now you may be asking yourself why, when Dream Pleasure Tours tailors its services to lifestylers who pride themselves on having an open and honest relationship with their partner, would we have a link to a “cheaters” website on our web page. Well, as we mentioned above, we have learned never to categorize people; never assume that everyone is looking for exactly the same thing.

So, although affairs may not be the cornerstone of the lifestyle code of ethics, who are we to rule it out as an option for some singles or couples – and who’s to say that all affairs are something that must be kept a secret from your partner?  Maybe a third wheel is just what your relationship is yearning for!.

There is an argument that humans were not meant to be monogamous.  Read the article we recently posted on our website “Why Marriage Wasn’t Meant to be Monagamous.”  So what does a couple do when they decide that monogamy is not for them?  One option is to become swingers or members of the lifestyle.  But what if only one partner is willing to do that?  Divorce is another option, but what if, for a host of reasons, divorce isn’t in the cards? 

Increasingly we are finding partners in relationships having other relationships on the outside, some short term and some long term.  In some instances, those external partners actually become part of the couple, resulting in a polyamorous relationship.  We are also increasingly seeing both males and females traveling one time with their respective husband or wife, and at other times with their other partner—someone outside of the marriage with whom they are having an affair (most of the time, with the knowledge of their married partner).

The question then becomes, where do you go to find someone outside of your marriage for such a relationship?  Traditional swinger sites focus very much on couples.  We have heard that many sites often discriminate against singles (and a married person having an affair would have to classify him or herself as such).  On some swinger sites, the vast majority of profiles are flagged so that singles cannot even contact the profile creators. 

That’s where this website comes in.  You may be in a relationship and want to have an affair unbeknownst to your partner, but then again, you may be in a relationship and want to have an affair with the knowledge of your partner.  Or maybe both you and your partner are comfortable with giving each other “hall passes”, or the approval to have affairs independent of the other person.  Or maybe both you and your partner want to have an affair together, with another man or woman.  We think this website could be an excellent resource for any of you looking for these types of relationships.

There is another service we think you can find on this website.  We get lots of calls from both single guys and single girls who would like to go on a Dream Pleasure Tours vacation, but many of our vacations are “couples only”.  You may just be able to find the travel partner you’re looking for here. 

The website staff sent us these ideas for creating an online profile that’s going to accomplish your online dating objectives.  These ideas of course go beyond this specific website, and make good sense for any online dating site. 

Identify yourself – Spend a few moments to analyze and understand who you are. Are you a serious type of a person? Go getter? Cheerleader? Understand your own personality and try to express it clearly in your personal ad.

Look at your primary desires – This is very important. Identify your true desires and prioritize them. This will attract matching profiles much faster.

Identify key aspects of your partner – When you know who you are and what your desires are, the next question is what you expect from your partner. Be straight about what you are looking for.

Start with a simple but attractive self-description – Put down an attractive self-introduction. Make it truthful. Don't overestimate or underestimate yourself.

Add more personality to your copy – Give that living, breathing touch to your personal ad. Add variety and breakaway from the norm! Add spice to it.

Be honest – Let your personal ad stand out from the rest. Being truthful from the very beginning and you are sure to attract someone as honest as you.

Check out AshleyMadison.com.  It’s one additional online community that may just be able to provide you the date you’re looking for, particularly if you're looking to hook up with someone who is in a relationship, with the partner's consent, or not.

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