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High energy, sexually-charged for singles to hook up with new friends and couples re-engage and enjoy their own sexual relationship

One of our goals at Dream Pleasure Tours is to bring our customers new and different vacation experiences.  Although most of our customers are couples and singles looking for travel to a resort that allows nudity, open sexuality and swinger activities, we have a growing base of customers that are looking for something else. One group of customers is what we call “adventurers”.  These customers are not swingers, may be singles or couples, and are looking for high energy, sexually-charged vacations where singles can hook up with new friends and couples can re-engage and enjoy their own sexual relationship.  That’s one reason why we’re so excited about the Grand Oasis Viva.

Another group of customers is made up of single men who want to explore the alternatives offered in countries that have different laws than those in the United States.  Remember, when it comes to sex and sexuality, not only are the customs different in each country, but so are the laws.  As an example, swingers clubs that constantly seem to be under threat of closure in the U.S. operate openly as legitimate and acceptable businesses in other countries.  In most of Europe, South America, and Asia, prostitution is legal, and in many countries it is regulated, much as any other legitimate business.  As one example, one of our resort vacation offerings is an escort resort in the Dominican Republic.

AutobahnNow we’re offering something that we think is really different.  Some years ago, Germany changed its laws not only to legalize prostitution, but to authorize the licensing of businesses that would provide a place for prostitutes to legitimately meet with customers.  The result has been the emergence of the FKK clubs or Sauna clubs.  Typically, these are houses or large buildings, often with a swimming pool and sauna, a large 'meet and greet' room with a bar and buffet on the ground floor, TV/video screens, and bedrooms on the upper floor(s). Operating hours are usually from late morning until after midnight. Women are typically nude or topless; men may wear robes or towels. Men and women often pay the same entrance fee, from 35 to 70 euros, which includes use of all facilities, food and drinks. Some clubs will admit couples. Typically the women in a given club all agree on set fees from 25 to 100 euro for a 20 to 60 minute session.

Something has happened that probably no one expected when these laws were passed.  These FKK or Sauna clubs have developed into huge entertainment centers far beyond what anyone might have originally imagined.  Think of a Las Vegas nightclub combined with a luxurious spa and a fitness center.  These facilities are modern, palatial and packed with amenities.  Once you’ve paid your entrance fee, you can enjoy dining at the buffet, dancing in the disco, relaxing poolside or in the lounge, working out in the gym, getting a massage, or rejuvenating in the sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi tubs.  Then, if you have enough energy, for a modest fee enjoy the company of one of the ladies at the club. Or, even better, enjoy two or three ladies, Make it a party!

Editor's Note: The tour below, has already occured, however, at Dream Pleasure Tours we are continually booking new and interesting tours and travel. Call us at 800-349-302, or check our website often for new offerrings.

We’ve hooked up with an associate in Germany who is offering a tour of these Sauna clubs, along with a number of picturesque historical cities in West Germany. Further, if you like, this trip can be made using the famous German Autobahn in the latest model Porsche 911 Carrera or Panamera.  You’ll streak from Frankfurt to Koblenz, then to Cologne, the Siegerland, then back to Frankfurt.  You’ll stay overnight at each stop, having time to visit these historic cities, and attend the finest Sauna club in each region.  If you’re not comfortable flying down the autobahn at 100 miles per hour in your Porsche, we can also provide transportation by private coach.  Either way, you’ll have an English speaking tour guide to show you the sites, guide you to your hotel, and take you to the Sauna club.  This Autobahn Sauna Club vacation has to be the ultimate guy’s trip.  Hot cars, hot girls, relaxing clubs and the historic landscape of Germany—how could it get any better?

Dream Pleasure Tours.  If you are a couple looking for something new, or a single who wants to add new experiences into their life, Give us a call at 800-349-3025 and ask about vacations we offer for "Adventurers".   











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