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Excellent East Coast Lifestyle Clubs

Fun and Private Clubs that you can Join and get to Enjoy Sexy Evenings Out with Like Minded People

Editor's Note: Lori, a friend of Dream Pleasure Tours wrote this article, enjoy!

My husband and I live in the Baltimore area of Maryland and there are three lifestyle clubs we frequent for some socializing, dancing, drinking, eating and sexing!

The first club is called TabuSocial Club. This club is a lot of fun and is a private club for members only.  The club is located in Catonsville, Maryland.  Tabu is a little tricky to find because it’s by a shoe store and is attached to the backside of a Chinese restaurant! They have set up a nice entrance area and once you’re checked in, they buzz you into the large lounge area on the main floor where the bar is located.  Just to the right is another even larger lounge area for socializing and watching the members get their sexy dance on.  They have a dance cage and two poles for getting you in the mood, whether you are watching or dancing.  There are bathrooms upstairs and downstairs, and lockers for your personal items (just bring a lock, if you’d like).  

If you go down the steps to the lower level, there are roughly a dozen VIP rooms to play in.   A 45 minute time limit is given for play, but when time is up, it can be rather awkward if you’re in the middle of something!  They pound on your door and tell you “time is up”!I wish they would think of another way to let you know that you need to wrap up what you are doing. 

There is also a larger room that is for group play, and you need to be naked if you are in there.I like the fact that you can hang out downstairs in the lounge area and meet all the sexy people that are walking by.   If you meet someone you want to play with, the rooms are right there.I always end up wishing that they had a few more play rooms though.   The demand is pretty high and the amount of rooms is usually not enough without a bit of a wait.  They are nicely decorated, each room with a different theme and dim lighting as well.  

My favorite night at Tabu is Blackout Night.   At midnight, they turn out most of the lights and have black lights only.   They pass out all sorts of different colored glow sticks which everyone wears in the most interesting ways and places on their bodies!  It’s crazy!  They soften the rules so that you are allowed to play upstairs (usually just the downstairs area is open on other nights).   You are asked to bring your own alcohol and they provide the mixers.   They also provide a small amount of appetizers, which is perfect after you’ve had a couple of drinks.   The music is usually excellent for creating a sexy, sensual mood. 

The crowd is pretty mixed with a diversity of ethnicities.   The typical age range is 21-40.   Dress to impress here!  You are encouraged to go sheer, ladies, and high heels are a must!   Gentlemen….mostladies like to see a man looking sharp, so I think you know what to wear (or what not to wear!).

All in all it’s a pretty nice club.  

The second club we really like in our area is The Private Affair.  It is located in Maryland, about 40 miles north of Baltimore.   This club is only open on Saturday nights.  It’s a private club for members only.  The drive to the club is easy on 95N but once you’re about 5 miles from the club, you will be driving in the woods on a two lane windy road for a few minutes in order to get there, so drive carefully.   They have plenty of parking and a really nice check-in area on the lower level.   If you’re new to the club, they have a host couple to show you around (like most clubs).   After you get checked in, you head up the stairs and pass by the dining area where they have lots of yummy foods to choose from (buffet style).   Drop your personal items in a locker (bring a lock if you like) and head into the lounge/dance area.   There you can drop off your bottle with the bartender and have her fix you a drink (they provide the mixers).   The club has a theme each Saturday night, so be sure to look it up online at ThePrivateAffair.com.

The dance area has two 10 ft. brass poles and a cage to get your lady primed for the night (if she likes to pole dance or get crazy in the cage!).   I love this club for all the play rooms.   I’m not sure how many they have, but we have always been able to find a room to play in when we get excited.   I’m sure a lot of you would love to hop in the 20 personhot tub…no bathing suits allowed!!   Always call for a reservation.  The holiday parties are a must at this club!!

I’ve saved the best club for last.   It called TJ’s Lasting Impressions.  This is our favorite club out of all three.   They are the most professionally run club and it’s a really beautiful place.    They took special care to ensure that the lighting is just right, the seating is comfortable and the people who run the club are fab!   TJ’s is located in the suburbs of Harrisburg, in Newport, Pa.  You can find them online at tjslastingimpressions.com.

We really like the fact that you can stay there overnight.   The drive from Baltimore is about 2 hours and 15 minutes, so we always stay in the area because, frankly, we don’t want to be driving home at 3:00 in the morning!  TJ’s has quite a few rooms onsite to rent and, if they are booked, there are a few motels very close to the club.   Mind you, they are cheap motels, but after an entire night of playing, you don’t care so much about the room,all you wannado is sleep for a few hours and head home! 

There’s plenty of parking for the club and a nice place to check in.   You must always call ahead and make a reservation or they will not allow you entrance.   After you check in, you will walk right by the Roman-style hot tub with a large shower area with lots of shower heads to share with your closest friends!  Plenty of restrooms with everything you’ll need for the evening (hair dryer, mouthwash, shampoo/conditioner, etc.).

The food is excellent on Saturday nights as they have a menu to order from, with typically about 4-5 different entrée choices.   Friday nights they have a buffet that is usually pretty good too.   Around 12:30-1:00 am, they usually put out some snacks so you can keep your strength up to keep dancing or playing!!  If you are spending the night at the club, you can always head back to your room with your sex buddies and continue playing in your own room after the party is over.   Each room has its own bathroom and shower too.   It’s always a good party at TJ’s, so check it out if you’re in the area! 

Enjoy the lifestyle my friends and remember there’s probably a swing club in your area too (we’d love to hear about it)!  

Sexy Regards, Lori

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