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Is Facebook setting the moral standard for America? 

Facebook censors photos of Palm Springs Nudist Resort and other Nudist Resorts

When we first read about this, we weren't going to publish it on our website.  After all, Facebook is a private  business and if private businesses don't want nudist resorts posting on their sites, maybe that's their prerogative.  But is it?  Terra Cotta Inn is a legitimate business providing a legitimate service to a specific customers base.  What if Facebook refused to post pictures for gay resorts, or resorts that cater to minorities, or religious groups?  And who exactly is Facebook trying to protect?  Are we now allowing Facebook to set the moral standard for America?  According to Terra Cotta management, the pictures on the Sports Illustrated page of Facebook are far more risque that those on Terra Cotta's page. Have a look through Facebook.  There are a lot of pictures we find far more objectionable than the ones Terra Cotta has posted.

Here's the original article on Terra Cotta Inn from the Desert Sun:

One of Southern California's most popular nudists resorts has had its photos repeatedly censored by Facebook, said the hotel's owner.

Terra Cotta Inn in Palm Springs, has been accused by Facebook of posting a "pornographic" photo on the hotel's Facebook page, which the social media giant quickly took down and has slapped Terra Cotta with a 30-day ban on posting photos.

The photo Facebook apparently found offensive depicted a woman holding cards. The tops of her breasts are partly visible.

"Again, this photo would be acceptable anywhere else in America, but apparently not on this social site," Terra Cotta Inn owner Tom Mulhall wrote on the hotel's blog.

Mulhall sent a local television story about the fracas to Facebook, but has received no response. 
"I've gotten zero contact from them," he said Tuesday evening.

The censorship by Facebook is far from the first, said Mulhall. In the last four of five years, Mulhall has had his Facebook account frozen five to six times.

"It's a constant thing," he remarked. Mulhall said other nudists resorts have also felt the scrutiny of Facebook.

"This is not just an issue with me, but with all nudists resorts," said Mulhall. "They have had some bug to bug about us for years."

Facebook could not be reached for comment.  "And the thing is when you look at the Sports Illustrated Facebook page there is way, way more skin showing than we do," Mulhall added.

Mulhall is a past president of the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce and the Terra Cotta Inn received a "Best of the Valley" ranking from Desert Magazine for the best boutique hotel in the Palm Springs region.

"It's a constant thing."

More from Dream Pleasure Tours:  Of course, the worst part of this story is the the response from Facebook has been--well no response. What is it about big corporations and big governments that it seems acceptable for these organizations, due to size, to ignore and refuse to answer people who have legitimate problems and issues?  A recent article says nerdmeister Zuckerberg pledged $100 million to help ailing schools, but what about helping small business--the backbone of the American economy?  Maybe Zuckerberg has forgotten that at one point in time he too was a small businessman, and Facebook's treatment of the owners of Terra Cotta Inn is nothing short of shameful.

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