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California nudist camp accused of stealing water

A Northern California nudist camp is facing off against rangers who say they are stealing water

At least they don't have to do laundry, began an article in TheWeek.com: A Northern California nudist camp is facing off against rangers who say they are stealing water during the devastating drought that has hit the Golden State. Rangers from the Midpeninsula Open Space District paid a visit to the Lupin Lodge near Los Gatos and dismantled a hose that went to the resort from a nearby waterfall. The owners of the nudist lodge, Glyn and Lori Kay Stout, argue that they have grandfathered-in rights to use the waterfall, and need the water to fill their 87,000-gallon tank that's on standby in case of fire. The pair said they also have to be able to fill up their pool that is used for skinny dipping.
(from an article in TheWeek.com)

Lupin Lodge is home to 50 full-time residents living in cabins and trailers across 110 acres. Although no arrests were made or citations issued on Thursday, one 70-year-old resident said he went on a hike and was told by rangers he was going to get a trespassing citation. "They said, 'You can't be here. You're on our property,'" Errol Strider told the San Jose Mercury News. "I was wearing tennis shoes and my little fanny pack. I discreetly turned my fanny pack to a front pack where it stayed for the rest of the conversation."

And, for those who find themselves accidentally naked at the pool, there is a site for you!
At the site, http://www.experienceproject.com/ people can anonymously share life experiences, including their nudist experiences. Kind of funny!

There is a wikipedia entry for nudity laws listed by country - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clothing_laws_by_country this is a very handy site to bookmark, especially when traveling, however, if you go on a Dream Pleasure Tours vacation, you will never have to worry about it, because they will always clearly specify whether the resort is nudist, clothing optional, or clothed.

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