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Desire Resorts is calling it the “New Skin.”

Desires New Skin


Desire Resorts is calling it the “New Skin.” What they’re really talking about is the rebranding of their resorts and cruises with a new logo, a new tag line, and a new attitude. And it’s all good news for the sensual, erotic and clothing-optional traveler.


For those of us in the travel business, the question with Desire is always “What’s next?” The answer is plenty. The Desire group now includes Desire Riviera Maya, their flagship clothing optional resort, Desire Pearl, the laid back and upscale neighbor just down the coast, Temptation, the heart of Cancun party central location, and Desire Cruises, cruise ship charters to exotic locals around the globe. In addition, senior management at Desire is hinting of more to come.


Even within the Desire properties, the changes seem endless. Temptation is now a hole in the ground as construction begins on the all new and larger four hundred plus room Temptation property, targeted to open in 2017 (rumored to be costing in excess of $50 million). The building behind the Lobby Bar at Desire Riviera Maya was raised to make room for four new two story luxury suites. These oceanfront suites include two stories of floor to ceiling glass overlooking the azure waters of Riviera Maya, each has its own hot tub, a private concierge and the four suites share a private swim-up infinity pool right next to the beach. For those of you who haven’t been to Pearl in a while, the entire lobby has been closed in, remodeled and air conditioned, and the view patio on top of the beachside Pearl Restaurant is now the “Gastrobar Unik” (you’ve got to try the deep fried octopus) offering Pearl’s take on the gastro-pub menus that have become so popular across the US.


We had an opportunity to sit down with Carlos Del Pino, Desire’s Director of Operations and Development, right after Desire unveiled its rebranding at a red-carpet event at Desire Pearl. Carlos confirmed Desire’s continued commitment to provided one of the most unique vacation experiences on the planet. Desire has created something no one else has been able to duplicate, an upscale clothing optional and sensual experience where couples can explore their inner fantasies and deepest desires, by themselves or with other interested couples. The good news is that while Desire is ever changing, some things remain the same. The entertainment is spectacular, the food is some of the best you will ever find at an all-inclusive resort, the accommodations are luxurious and the atmosphere sensual and erotic. But Desire would be nothing without the more than 1,000 employees who day in and day out make it all possible. We’re not sure if it’s the warm Mexican hearts or if Desire just does a super job of finding the best people, but from the bellmen to the servers to the managers, Desire staff not only do an exceptional job, but make every guest feel as if they are part of the family, and at home. When customers tell us that a bar tender they haven’t seen in a year and a half runs out from behind the bar to shake hands, give hugs and say “Welcome Back” you know you’re in a special place.


Along with the new Desire logo, you’ll see the tag line “Beyond Seduction.” Seduction means different things to different people but we like this definition - seduction is a synonym for the act of charming someone — male or female — by an appeal to the senses. And Desire appeals to the senses in a way no other place does. Whether it’s the taste of the gourmet cuisine, the smell of a tropical breeze on a moon lite night, the sight of other couples erotically dressed, the sound of music to suit the mood or the feel of someone else’s body next to yours, Desire delivers.


If you haven’t been to Desire in a while, or if you’ve never been to Desire, now is the time to go. Once you do – you’ll be hooked. So join us. As the premier lifestyle and clothing optional vacation company, Dream Pleasure Tours will take care of every detail, and make sure you’re Desire vacation is one of the best vacations ever.

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