Payments and Cancellation Terms

Payments and Cancellation Terms

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Deposit $250 / Person
November 11, 2017 1st payment
Febuary 11, 2018 2nd payment
May 11, 2018 3rd payment
June 11, 2018  Paid In Full


Cancelation Policy

  1. Any group reservation canceled before December 8, 2017 is subject to a $100.00 per person cancellation
  2. Any cancelation after December 8, 2017 to March 8, 2018 is subject to a $500.00 per person cancellation fee.
  3. Any cancelation after May 8, 2018 Any group reservation canceled all monies on hand will be forfeited. 
  4. Non-refundable reservations can be exchanged to new guest names if there is someone that wants your reservation. 
  5. All "No Show" reservations are subject to 100% of the total amount paid. This means no refunds. 
  6. Group reservations are not changeable for different dates unless adding days to the previous booking.

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Insurance TRAVEL INSURANCE: We urge you to consider purchasing travel insurance for your trip. In order to maintain our reasonable cost & high level of service, we do not automatically insure your trip against the adverse affects of weather or other factors beyond our control. Your holiday represents a very large investment, and unforeseen circumstances such as injury or sickness, airline issues, and family emergencies can easily affect your ability to travel.  

Ask for information on dive insurance as well.

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