Pleasure Castle July 5-10, 2015


Castle Check In
Sunday, July 5, 2015, 3PM

Castle Check Out
Friday, July 10, 2015, 11AM

Where do you fly into and out of:
London, UK
Heathrow (LHR)
Gatwick (LGW)

In order to get from London to the Castle it is approximately a 2 hour train ride which runs approximately every hour.

One of the most beautiful places in the world in the summer is the English Countryside, the subject of romantic literature for centuries, filled with natural beauty and charm. For most, this is a place of striking beauty and romance.

We dare say that few have experienced the English Countryside in as romantic and sensuous a fashion that our "Pleasure Castle" adventure in July 2015 will offer. We dare say that few have experienced the English Countryside in as romantic and sensuous a fashion that our "Pleasure Castle" adventure in July 2015 will offer. We have arranged a private takeover of one of England’s most spectacular and luxurious Castle Estates. Think a sexy and erotic Downton Abbey. Situated on 275 plush English green acres, our castle offers a dazzling array of pampering pleasures and exciting activities. Imagine sharing an historic, First Class Luxury Castle with 100 couples at a private and sumptuous week of PLEASURE.

What can you expect from your stay at the Castle? Pleasure Castle is an erotic mix of medieval history, excitement, glamour and adventure. After all, where else can you wear your Rubber Wellies in the AM, golf spikes in the afternoon and Manolos for evening dinner?

Yes, Pleasure Castle offers its guests luxury and indulgence to the extreme. Not at all like a stuffy hotel where you can’t sit on the furniture, kick-back and relax. It is truly somewhere to refresh mind, body and spirit in equal measure. Pleasure Castle manages to successfully combine the vivacious atmosphere of a period country home with all the luxurious amenities of an international resort with an erotic atmosphere.

Pleasure Castle features culinary delights (breakfast & dinner included), a fabulous spa and indoor pool, a UK Top 10 ranked golf course (private for our group all week), hunting, fishing and tons of exciting activities to free your mind from everyday-real life all day long.

So, “what’s on” as they say in the UK, at your Pleasure Castle event? Of course due to the wide variety of daytime activities here at the Castle your day could include a round of golf on the championship- Top 10- UK course, which is 100% private for our group. You can walk, ride or even have your own caddie. Tee time? Fogetta about it, just walk out to the first tee and away you go. We have also set up a naked, closest-to-the-pin contest one day for everyone to take a shot where you can even win a car for a hole in one :-)! Of course, there is everything from game hunting and fishing to skeet shooting, bike riding, tennis, hiking, etc. The list is really quite extensive- even a class on Sloe Gin making.

Or maybe a spa day-the Castle’s spa not only features wonderful treatments but also an indoor Olympic-sized pool and spa which, of course, is Au Natural and more, day and night.

The evening’s fun begins with cocktail hour and a chance to relive the day’s adventures with your sexy friends. Sit in front of one of the many fireplaces or sink into a sumptuous stuffed chair whilst you enjoy our wonderful Jazz Trio from Italy who will be playing in the bar. Enjoy afternoon high tea with scones, home made jam and clotted cream and maybe even a glass of Champagne. You look up to see our super sexy Burlesque performance troupe wandering around getting to know everyone and sharing details of the show to come later in the evening.

After dinner the venue heats up and the clothes seem to shrink and get shearer and shearer. You might choose to dance the night away in our sexy nightclub to the hot beats of our DJ or relax in the Jazz club listening to our trio late into the evening. How about a short stroll to one of our two sexy playhouses? One with a sensuous décor and the other, a dungeon theme with our own Mistress Ayn in charge!

There are vacations and then there are events- the difference being, one a place you go to relax and have fun, while an event is an experience so unique and transformative that it could not be duplicated anywhere else. An event with a venue so unusual and spectacular, like our Pleasure Castle and all of its wonderful activities and venues, combined with a dazzling array of entertainment of the erotic kind, will allow you to experience this venue like no one else ever has. Our goal is to create, for you, lifetime memories and friends, whose memories will remain crystal clear and put a smile on your faces for the rest of your lives."

Come join us in the "Pleasure Castle" in 2015, and build a life experience few ever have a chance to enjoy and your partner will never forget… a dazzling array of sensuous and sexy activities to excite and satisfy!!


Daytime Activities:

Pleasure Castle offers an extensive collection of daytime activities both onsite and off. From those designed to pamper to activities which will allow you to explore the British countryside, to those which are geared towards adventure. The best part is that our Castle experience is during the absolute best time of the year, weather-wise, in the UK.

Indulge yourself…the Pleasure Castle Spa is in itself a soul refreshing sanctuary hidden away from the business of modern life. Reflecting the feeling of an undisturbed and reparative environment, the Pleasure Castle spa experiences have been created to relax, revive and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. You will enjoy the warm waters of a private indoor natatorium with a heated pool and Jacuzzi, think of the possibilities.

Pleasure Castle also features a UK Top 10, 18-hole championship course that is private for our group only. Enjoy your round in a buggy or have your own caddy.

For those who are adventurous, there are a cornucopia of activities to enjoy such as fly fishing in private streams, game and bird hunting, clay pigeon shooting, archery, falconry and much more. Or maybe you might like to soar over the British countryside in a hot air balloon, Au Natural or go up in a glider and soar. Of course the Shoes Only playhouse will be open during the day if you might want to enjoy a little daytime fun.


Night Time Activities:

As the evening temperatures begin to dip Pleasure Castle heats up. Begin your evening with a sumptuous 5-star gourmet experience (included) shared with your friends in the Castle’s main dining room which is designed in the art deco style, an era of elegance and fine living. Candlelight, hand-painted chinoiserie wall coverings and immaculate service will surround you and your friends.

After dinner enjoy cocktails in an environment that will make you feel as if you have been transported back 100 years into a time and place once reserved for the British aristocracy. Enjoy the castle’s homemade "Slow Gin" or choose from their enormous array of Whisky’s and spirits, many of which are not widely available.

The sweet aroma of aged cognac seems to seep from the beautifully crafted wordwork. It’s a seductive environment with high ceilings, vast views of the grounds, tartan carpets, Chesterfield sofas and wine-red curtains. The bar serves up 130 various whiskeys, plenty of malts and Armagnacs, Dartmoor ales an of course a dauntingly pleasant wine list. Increse your mixology knowledge during the daytime cocktail-making lessons that take place here.

Of course this after-dinner cocktail time is but a prelude to the rest of your evening, which will feature a rotating collection of sensuous and erotic entertainment. Dance to the hot sounds of our Lifestyle DJ or enjoy one of the sexy live shows we are developing for your pleasure.


The dining experiences at Pleasure Castle have been designed to complement the hotel's reputation for country house elegance and outdoor activities. Whether you plan to participate in one or two of the Castle's impressive guest activities or retreat to the tranquility of the Great Room's plush armchairs, the style and menu selections found in each of the Castle's restaurants and dining areas cater for all tastes.

Guest can order up a opulent picnic to accompany them on daily activities, with the Castle Cafe also offering light lunches, golf snacks and meals throughout the day. The atmosphere here is bright and relaxed, with contemporary décor and spectacular views from the restaurant's terrace. Afternoon tea can be served in any of the Castle's public areas. On sunny days, the South Terrace is the most desirable spot in the hotel for afternoon tea, as tea is served with panoramic views of the entire estate.

Full English Breakfast (Included)
Each morning enjoy the sumptuous and tasty British tradition of a Full English breakfast, served with the style and flair of a country manor. Whether you are a Duke or an Earl or a sexy Lusty Loyalty member, you will dine like royalty.

Lunch is on your own each day. If you are on the Castle grounds you can enjoy a wonderful array of choices and dining options including a romantic picnic for 2, 4, 6 or…… Or if you are off the grounds touring and enjoying the countryside stop at a traditional British Pub for lunch and enjoy some fish & chips. But remember whilst off-site you will need to be clothed.

Afternoon Tea
The most civilized and underrated treat of the day and a specialty here. Scones, sandwiches, homemade cakes and fine teas served in china cups. Your afternoon tea is served, on the terrace overlooking the gardens.

In the afternoon, a good idea is to treat yourself to a champagne afternoon tea on the stone terrace and take in the incredible views across the grounds in a wonderfully tranquil atmosphere. In fact, so special is this unique place that the Castle is named as one of the ‘UK's six best places for afternoon tea.

Dinner (Included)*
The Grill serves a nose-to-tail collection of dishes. With so much to offer at Pleasure Castle you will be quite hungry at the end of the day and ready for a truly amazing dining experience. Enjoy the sumptuous, locally-sourced ingredients that are used and the menu also regularly changes with the seasons.

Or you may choose to have a casual night in the Cafe, where you will find a more informal experience with more of a bar menu than fine dining and it’s ideal to have the choice depending on your mood.

* Guests are given a dining credit (does not include beverage) of £45 per person per night (about $75pp USD) 

Our scouts previewed the Pleasure Castle in preparation for the tour, and here are a few of their observations and experiences:

"We turn into a stone gateway set centuries ago in another time, yet it is timeless. Little did we know, but were about to learn, that this gateway was to serve as our portal, transporting us to another time and place. As we enter the Castle grounds the first thing we noticed was, no castle. Ahead lies a beautiful winding lane whose surface, now terra cotta in color versus the blacktop roadway we just left, looks to be painted by hand across the stunning green fields. It looks as if the artist literally dragged a brush in a winding path across a green canvas. Further down the drive we spot a flag waving in a gentle breeze in the middle of an emerald green island with two figures stalking a little white ball. As we get closer we can see a golfer and his caddie lining up a put while we roll past.

Our Land Rover takes one more winding curve in our valley surrounded by hills with rows of hedges crossing their face reminding us of an out of scale tic-tac-toe board drawn over and over at odd random angles. Then, dominating the horizon ahead, rising majestically in front of us…. Pleasure Castle, in all its glory, welcomes us as we pass under the stone archway and into the motor court. The only signal that we are still in our time is the bright red Ferrari parked amongst the row of the Castle’s Land Rovers.

We are welcomed by the smartly dressed bellman in their plus-four’s, who greeted us warmly as if we were the Lord & Lady of the manor returning home, or at least their good friends :-). As we entered the great hall we quickly realized that we were no longer in Kansas. For those of you who might be Downton Abby fans, much will be familiar in style and feel. Before heading to our suite we walked outside to see the first tee of the golf course and the beautiful valley and hills beyond. The view, so magnificent and grand yet so serene, sent waves of peaceful delight through both of us and seemed to freeze a smile on our faces as if a permanent fixture, which we were soon to find out it was. Another wonderful staff member led us up the grand staircase to our room which, upon entering, we were delighted to find had 14 foot ceilings (as many do) and banks of beautiful, leaded glass windows with the hills, valleys and the stunning and perfectly maintained championship golf course of the Castle beckoning.

Over the next couple of hours we explored the Castle, wandering from one grand room to another. While it was sunny and beautiful outside the air retained a little bit of crispness, as it does in the English countryside, which allows the Castle’s many fireplaces to burn throughout the day and night, creating a contentment that washes over you and makes you want to curl up on the overstuffed couches and chairs with your lover and maybe a few friends.

We found a wonderful selection of fine local meats, fish & poultry along with an array of wonderful vegetables all sourced from small farms and purveyors within 40 miles of the Castle for our first dinner. In the US the farm to table movement has grown over the past decade or so and has become a staple at the finest restaurants. There is no such name here because in this timeless place this is how it has always been done J Our dinner was sublime, with Lori’s seared scallops being the sweetest that have ever passed my lips. After dinner, off we went to the main bar for a night cap. Calling this a “Bar” is probably unfair… more like a drawing room from another era where the bar staff creates an array of very unique cocktails developed by the Castle or maybe a single malt scotch selected from scores of rare and unique choices.

We awoke early to another beautiful and sunny day and decided on a trek into the hills of the estate to explore its splendor. It was early and as we strolled by the 8th green the greens keeper was busy hand-mowing it to perfection surrounded by the beautiful flowers in full bloom. Over the next 2 hours and at least as many miles,  we wandered by small farms, filled with a variety of livestock and people living with a style and charm that has not changed in over a century. It was at about this time that it began to set in that other than the modern equipment and cars of the small farms whose houses and buildings, all beautifully maintained but many of whom began their lives centuries ago, that while it is 2014 it could very easily be 1914.

Returning to the Castle we enjoyed a tradition, the full English breakfast. While the Castle offers the standard variety I opted for a variant that was wonderful a vegetarian version with truffle duck eggs and kippers. There is something about an English breakfast that is so wonderful. Maybe it is the tradition and style of service or the variety. Whichever, it is my favorite breakfast of any. After breakfast, we toured the rooms of the Castle and the surrounding lodges (we went into about 30) each being individual and unique. With the various and seemingly endless public spaces, one more dramatic and beautiful than the rest...

we began to realize that the transformation of this Castle Estate into the Pleasure Castle, was going to create an event that is quite special and unforgettable." BOOK NOW!

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