Pleasure Jamaica Cinco De Mayo At Club Ambiance May 3-10, 2014

Pleasure Jamaica Cinco De Mayo At Club Ambiance May 3-10, 2014

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Single Occupancy Pay 150 % of the Per Person per Night rate

Group rates are applicable only for the actual dates of the contract and the three-night window on either side of the group contracted dates.

Bookings must have a minimum of (5) five nights in the Actual Group Contracted Dates.

Group Rates Cannot Be Used for Bookings of 5 Nights or Less Unless It Is Within the 3 Nights before or 3 Nights After Group Dates

Transfers are at $40.00 Per Person Round Trip

Call DPT Agents for Booking of Less Than 5 Nights.

Dream Pleasure Tours invites you to come join us for our Pleasure Jamaica Cinco De Mayo at Club Ambience. Who says you can only enjoy Cinco De Mayo in Mexico Why not join us in Jamaica. The price is right less than other similar resorts would charge for same period of time and all inclusive.  So why not go ahead and book this trip and spend sunshine time at Club Ambience with us and the host couple from Dream Pleasure Tours.

This time we are headed to Club Ambiance Resort and Spa in Runaway Bay, May 03-10, 2014.

Club Ambiance is located on the north coast of Jamaica in Runaway Bay, about an hour drive from Montego Bay Airport.  For those of you not familiar with Jamaica, the north side of the island is known for cooling breezes during the day (those same trade winds that brought Columbus to Jamaica in 1494). These breezes keep the temperature down. In the evening, the breezes subside, so you get those famous warm, tropical nights.
From the entranceway, the resort doesn’t look like most resorts we represent.  It looks more like you’re pulling into the driveway at a standard US-type motel, but our first impression was wrong.  Once you walk through the lobby, the image changes.  Club Ambiance is a well laid-out resort, right on the ocean, with everything you’d want in a resort that is clothing-optional and lifestyle-friendly.
The resort has a bit of a history.  It was developed by an American in the 1970’s and was a very popular resort from the 70s through the 90s.  The owner, an elderly gentleman, put the resort up for sale a few years ago, and about a year ago it was purchased by a very successful Jamaican businessman.  With that purchase, the format of the resort changed to a clothing-optional and lifestyle-friendly format.

When the new owner took over, he brought in a new management team, including one of the senior people from Superclubs (the previous owners of Hedonism II and the Breezes resorts).  That new management team set about to improve the resort and attend to some needed maintenance.  Since the ownership change, landscaping has been redone, all areas of the resort have been or will be repainted, and improvements have been made in the room amenities, staffing, entertainment and food service

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