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If you’ve ever been to Hedonism II, or if you ever did attend any of those great conventions hosted by the Historical Lifestyle Tours and Travel you’ve probably met her.

At Dream Pleasure Tours when great things happen, we like to share them. And something great just happened!  But before we tell you what that great thing is, we’ve got to give you a little history.

Dream Pleasure Tours took its first reservation in January 2008, almost ten years ago.  Our company was founded by a number of individuals who had worked in varying capacities for the old Lifestyles Tours and Travel business owned by lifestyle pioneer Dr. McGinley.  Since that time the Dream Pleasure Tours team has grown our business to be one of the leaders in lifestyle and clothing optional travel, offering group tours and individual reservations to resort and on cruises around the globe.  We’ve done dive ship takeovers, island takeovers, resort takeovers, trips to destinations such as Bali and even offered at one time a tour of the famous FKK clubs in Germany.   Our goal has always been to offer you as many options as possible, and to let you decide which vacation is right for you.

However, through all of those years we have often lamented that not everyone from Lifestyle Tours and Travel joined our team.  When Lifestyles Tours and Travel retired, one of its key players made the decision to move in a different direction, and went to work for another lifestyle and clothing optional travel company.  We’ve kept in contact with that person through the years, and we did business back and forth with that lifestyle travel company.  But something in the back of our minds always told us we’d be together again.


Now, it has finally happened.  It’s just like when one of the 80s rock bands splits up and after many years gets together to play again.  The listeners couldn’t be happier.  And we think our customers, and everyone in the lifestyle and clothing optional community will be feeling just the same way about our reunion. 

With that, please help us welcome back to the place where she belongs, Sandy Jones.  Yes, that’s right Sandy Jones.  The same Sandy who has been helping you with your Hedonism II and other lifestyle vacations ever since the days of Blue Bay Resort.  You can call Sandy at 800-349-3025 Ext. 108.  Or you can email Sandy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  We know she’d love to hear from you, so call or email her today.

And Sandy---Welcome Home!!!!

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