Sexy Young and Wild Month at Desire Riviera Maya & Desire Pearl August 1-31, 2014

Sexy Young and Wild Month at Desire Riviera Maya & Desire Pearl
August 1 – 31, 2014
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Threesomes Allowed
Sexy, Young and Wild Month at Desire Resorts

It seems that Dream Pleasure Tours continues to set trends in the lifestyle and swingers travel market.  We began holding takeovers at Ceiba del Mar a few years ago, and those were so successful that Desire Resorts actually took over Ceiba del Mar and turned it into Desire Pearl.  When Desire asked us what we thought, we said it was a no brainer.  The property is a step up from Desire Riviera Maya, yet it’s close to Desire Riviera Maya and can easily handle overflow customers. Of course, Desire Pearl is just a superb property for lifestyle and swingers travel.

Now Desire is taking our advice again. For years we’ve been telling Desire that the couples-only format is too restrictive.  It leaves out many potential lifestyle and swinger customers who would love to vacation at one of the Desire Resorts. As a result, they are opening the resort to single women and threesome/poly couples.

We’ve also suggested that the resort crank up their entertainment options.  Although the older crowd may be content to lie on the beach all day, have dinner, then soak the night away in the play Jacuzzis, the younger crowd is looking for a little more action and energy – something along the lines of Space or Privilege in Ibiza or Green Valley in Brazil.

That’s why we are so happy announce that Desire is getting our message. Desire has just announced that August will be “Sexy, Young and Wild” month.  Here’s just a taste of what you can expect.

Sexy, Young and Wild month welcomes the young, and all the young at heart.  This month is for sexy people who like to party and play like there is no tomorrow, while enjoying the high-end services Desire Resorts offer.

When the event starts, you will discover a new meaning for Sexy, Young and Wild with the never-ending party atmosphere that will take over Desire Resorts for the whole month of August, 2014.

Come with your partner to make all your sensual fantasies come true.  The resort, for the first time that we know of, will be welcoming threesomes (2 women/ 1 man), couples and single females. Bring that friend along and go wild! We want you to discover paradise while revitalizing and reinventing your sensuality like never before.

During Sexy, Young and Wild month, you can expect to enjoy the most alluring activities and games, be it Pole Dance Lessons, Sin Circus Party, Daring Sun Busters, Foam Party, Beach Night Party, Live Oil Wrestling, the Skinny Dipping Jacuzzi Fest, and last but not least, the Campus Desire Party!  Also expect famous DJs and other celebrities.

So, if you thought Desire was a little too sedate for you, or you are a single lady or a threesome that could never get into Desire, now is the time to visit and party and play the days and nights away during Sexy, Young and Wild month at Desire.  Who knows, maybe this is a new trend that we can expect to happen more than once a year.

This is a great time to go to Desire because the resort management really wants to make sure that this new format works. Management has slashed the prices to make Desire more affordable than ever.  You’ll be able to get all-inclusive, luxury accommodation during Sexy, Young and Wild month for as little as $355 a night (Thanks Desire for taking our advice on making this special month affordable).  That means all of the food you can eat, all the booze you can drink, the fabulous line up of special entertainment for this month, and of course, the sexy, sensual party and play atmosphere unique to Desire Resorts.  Go to Desire Riviera Maya or Desire Pearl and book your reservation now. Call one of our travel specialists at 800-349-3025.  See you at Desire! 

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