Swingers Resorts

First let's clear some things up regarding what a swingers resort is and how much each resort can vary from one another. 

A swingers resorts usually means that a specific venue or resort is "swinger friendly" or a more used phrase, "lifestyle friendly". Meaning that people in the 'lifestyle" or "swingers" are welcome at their establishment and not frowned upon.

It DOES NOT mean that the resort condones public sexual activity at their resort. Almost all lifestyle friendly resorts have no tolerance for anything that involves actual displays of sexual activity in public.

However, light flirting and designated clothing optional areas are clearly part of most lifestyle friendly resorts. In reality these are adult vacation venues where common sense and the freedom of being nude is at the forefront of a vacation. Yes, there are more focused intentions with some people who specifically are looking to "hook up" with other couples and or singles. However, they are a respectful group of people who tend to find each other easily through light conversation and flirting usually out by the pool or at meet and greets.

These resorts can be very different one one another but all have a common theme that resinates in the lifestyle community and that theme is respect and common sense. All of the behind closed doors stuff stays behind closed doors.

Usually these resorts are clothing optional resorts as well and the freedom of being nude and the eroticism associated with that feeling tends to attract lifestylers to one another.

Whether people are curious or seasoned pro's in the lifestyle a common respect and consideration for one another always seems to be a automatic regardless of what resort you may find yourself at.

Obviously some resorts may have a reputation of being more lifestyle friendly than other resorts, but that never really changes the mind set of people respecting one another. Lifestyle curious people often wind up making great friends with seasoned swingers because of this mind set. It's really all about getting away and experiencing something you normally would not be doing back home at the community pool.

We asked some lifestyle people both curious and seasoned what they liked the best about a clothing optional lifestyle friendly atmosphere and most people expressed the same thoughts. These thoughts included the liberating feeling they got when bathing nude and the eroticism of being nude and conversing with different kinds of people in a flirtatious setting.

It's about vacationing, relaxing and being able to strip your self of inhibitions that you thought wasn't possible. Most answers also included the fact that their experiences also strengthened ones own relationship with their partner by sharing something so intimate.

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