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Help The Kids Program
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For those of you who have been to one or more of the resorts we represent you know that most of our resorts are located in foreign countries such as Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica, and Costa Rica. If you have been to any of these resorts, you know two things. First, the people at the resorts are wonderful people and they usually bend over backwards to make sure we tourists are well taken care of. Second, these people do not enjoy the same standard of living that we enjoy here in the United States or other industrialized countries, and even though the hotel workers earn a fair living based on local standard, there are many people in need of help.

Now I know what a lot of you may be thinking. If they elected better leaders, if they had a better political system, if they didn’t have so many kids, if there wasn’t so much corruption, if they put an emphasis on education, or if they worked harder they wouldn’t have so many problems. All that may be true to some degree. But whatever the reason, there is a certain part of the population that cannot be blamed for the problems in these countries, and is in fact our greatest hope for the future of these countries. We are talking about the children. That’s why Dream Pleasure Tours has created the Help the Kids Program.

How does it work? It’s real simple. We take a percentage of every travel dollar we receive and we give it to local children in need, and in particular to schools, orphanages and other children’s organizations in those countries. Further, we welcome and encourage our travelers to give a little extra to our Program, but that is completely optional.

The important thing to know is that 100% of this money goes directly to local needs near the resorts. We donate the money directly with the help of resort management. Nothing goes to any national charitable foundation where a large chunk of the money get’s used up in administration fees. Every penny goes to the kids.

We can’t fix the world. But we can make life better for some kids who have been born into unfortunate circumstances through no fault of their own. And maybe those kids will help their countries fix themselves when they become adults. Even if you can’t help us with an additional donation, please feel good about the fact that some of the money you have paid to us, for your hot, sexy Dream Pleasure Tours vacation, is helping kids in need.

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